365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 275


What One Inspired Person Can Do

sharing by Mary

The other night I had the transcendent pleasure of experiencing
Inspiration In Motion. The skies opened.
Good food with music after visiting with John’s mother, Mary Ann, at her
retirement community, is usually a lighthearted evening for all. Yet for some
reason, I found myself in a funk! 

We took Mary Ann into the lounge area to hear the Friday night music. I
decided to be in the moment and began giving Mary Ann a shoulder massage.
Up until now, the bands they have play old tunes that we enjoy, but they are
getting tiresome. A woman looked at me saying, “If I hear Fly Me to the Moon
one more time, I am going to fly to the moon!

Then Something Happened

Surprisingly, they hired a new band, “Calvert & Williams”, who began playing
tunes from the ’60s and ’70s, more in line with what we grew up hearing.
The woman who said she was ready to fly to the moon decided to stick
around and flew out to dance instead!
WOW, I have never seen this happen before.
She embodied Inspiration In Motion as she morphed and inspired others to
get their butterfly on. Some residents wanted her to “be the show, entertain
them”, but she wasn’t looking to be the show. Nope, she opened the skies so others could fly!

People transformed from caterpillars to butterflies, from:
Being sedentary to getting up and moving in their way
Being in a daze to being active participants in their wellbeing
Being passive, tired onlookers to engaged, joyful observers
Being bored to having fun
Being in loneliness to being in companionship
There was a miraculous change in the atmosphere….

As I watched these Women Shake their Groove Thing (remember that tune?), 
the funk in my heart began to lift.

This Prime Inspired Motivator waved me over saying, “You wanna dance?”
Well, anyone who knows me knows that there is never a time that I don’t
want to dance! 

There we were dancing, three of us. Smiling, laughing, looking into eyes,
spirits moving our bodies ~ turning my mind right side up, my heart inside out!
JOY abounding, surrounding, and any memory
of ever being dispirited vanished!

The band paused and one woman and I gazed into one another’s eyes
giggling like children as she asked enthusiastically,
“Wanna keep dancing?”

Hope that today you allow the LOVE in our midst
to land in your heart.

Get Your
Inspiration In Motion!





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365 Pause Practices Day 274


Saturday Evening Pause

Let this evening be an opportunity to Invite a Pause. 

Is something happening in your life that seems to be stealing
your Peace of Mind?

Are you wondering how to express LOVE truly?

Are you willing to pause from trying to figure it all out?

If so, scroll down and take a Saturday evening Pause.





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365 Pause Practices Day 273


Why The Pause Crew Pauses

in Daily Life

Lisa, Mary, and Natalie each respond to:


Lisa Shares

The simplicity and ease of the Pause Practice helps to make my life and the situations I find myself in less tumultuous and more peaceful. Pause is extremely helpful for me when I am tasked with a creative project, and I don’t feel particularly creative. I am able Pause and be open to Another Way of seeing the project and Inspiration flows in as images and phrases.

try to use the Pause Practice every day in my daily life. Some days I am not as successful as on other days. I tell myself this is ‘OK’ and the Pause Practice IS a practice!

Mary Shares

I use The Pause Practices in daily life because I know they work WHEN I use them! I have one moment at a time just like you. In my work with Pause be it admin, spontaneity, technology, teaching, networking, creating, delegating; just when I think I know what’s best, I will pause, and I receive a wiser way. Just when I’m ready to react in an unhelpful way, instead of choosing to disconnect and distance, I can choose to get out of my own way and see I have a choice! I can say & do what will lead to connecting with another and we can integrate our inner resources ~ this is what it is to heal and be truly helpful.

I can listen to my inner
Wisdom, I can break free of habits that simply don’t work, I can let Wisdom
lead the way and for a peaceful, joyful, productive, and meaningful day,

I can follow!

B r e a t h e

  Natalie Shares

 This practice has been truly helpful to me as I  tend to be a quick thinker and responder.  When I Pause, I’m able to slow down, be present, and give a  thoughtful, helpful response. Everyone in  my life deserves a  Pause, including me.  Sometimes when I slip into the old, familiar,  quick response routine  I’m reminded that Pause is a practice that needs to be practiced! One day, one hour, one moment at a time…





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365 Pause Practices Day 272


The Pause Experiment

If you were to Practice the Pause Practice:
Pausing to Stop in this Moment,
Stepping Back to get out of Your Own Way,
Inviting Inspiration within to Help,
Listening to Your Inner Wisdom,
And Following Inspiration Within…
What Might You Pause on in Your Life, Right now

~ Choose a Card Below to Try It ~

Click on the cards above for the Pause for Love Practice.
You may DownloadSharePrint, and Order it. 





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365 Pause Practices Day 271


“Kids in grades K-3 used the book today! Kids are so funny! Happy
definitely came out as the main character! The book is a winner!
Several kids noticed it said “Book One” on the front and wanted to
know when “Book Two” was coming out! Good job!

Kathy Rusert
Science Education Consultant
“Trailblazing Teacher” by Center for Green Schools, 
Science Education Consultant,
National Outstanding Educator by Project Learning Tree

Looking for a fun and interactive resource for caring adults to bring
balance and harmony to children? Explore “Your Helpful Self”, a colorful
children’s book that describes positive and simple acts of helpfulness
that mindfully promote a healthy style of life.

Eileen Wolfington, M.Ed.
Coordinator, Health & Wellness Program
LifeWise STL (Retired)

“An empowering action plan for children and the adults who educate
and care for them. The message is a reminder that we are never really alone,
we always have a choice that brings us together, and that a helpful mindset can
yield immediate and conflict-free results. I view this book as a highly
valuable addition across home and school settings. And that children will enjoy
putting it into practice.”

Dana Marrocco, Ph.D.
Licensed School Psychologist & Author 

Click on the cards above for the Pause for Love Practice.
You may DownloadSharePrint, and Order it. 





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365 Pause Practices Day 270


~ Pausing for CALM in the Moment ~

by Natalie

Since starting the Pause Practice,
I’ve noticed that I experience fewer moments
where I think that SO many things
are SUCH a BIG deal.

Just the other day, my husband was upset about something
and he was going on and on about it while we sat together “relaxing” in the great room.
My husband is usually pretty calm, so I asked him,
“why are you so bothered by this”?
He pondered it a moment and said,
“I don’t understand why you’re NOT bothered”!

Hmm, I simply felt nothing rising up in me on the subject,
so I shrugged my shoulders.
He looked at me and says, “oh yeah,
you’ve got that Pause thing you do”. 
I gently reminded him,
“You can Pause, too”. 
He seemed to take a deep breath in that moment and Paused.
He looked at me and said, “I know”.
And then he seemed to let it go.

I may experience moments of calm,
but I can still get excitable
and let myself get stirred up at times,
we all do right?

Thankfully, I know that with a quick Pause
I am given the opportunity
to calm my mind and potentially turn things around.
When I Pause, I can ask Inspiration Within for Help
and guess what? I CAN calm down in the moment.

Inspiration Within Helps me
bring forth the Love that is IN me,
when I may least expect
that it even exists. 

Inspiration Within reminds me
that Love is always there, always within me.
When I am experiencing the Calm Quiet of Inspiration,
I am better able to share this Love
with others in the moment.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 12:
“Rest. You have a calling to which you must respond,
eventually. It is the calling of INSPIRATION WITHIN.
You will hear such a calling in the Inner Quiet and it will CALM you”. 

Click on the card above for the Pause for Love Practice.
You may DownloadSharePrint, and Order it. 





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365 Pause Practices Day 269


Two Pauses With 2 Young Boys!

Sharing by Mary

What’s Unwise In This Photo?

A Conversation with a Teen Boy at a Red Light. Driving with the
windows down, the wind blowing through my hair, and loving this beautiful autumn
day! Coming up to a stoplight I see a teenage boy loving his day too as he masters
his skateboard groove weaving in and out. Wow, how cool to watch. Then I see his
helmet NOT on his head, but hanging by his fingertips!!!

I pause as we sit side-by-side at the red light. Listening to my inner Wisdom, the
thought skateboards into my mind, “Share with him about wearing his helmet.” Hmm.
Dare I speak up? This kid isn’t going to listen to some old woman, a stranger at that,
telling him what to do! Then, without thinking about it a moment longer, just going with
my inner Wisdom


 “Wow, that’s really cool, you’ve got that skateboarding mastered!” He looks at me
with a smile quite happy with his skateboarding expertise, saying, “Thanks”!
I respond, “You know, just one thing. I’m an occupational therapist and I’ve worked with
a lot of people with head injuries, and, you don’t want a head injury, it can ruin your
life. So, how about wearing your helmet?” Shrugging his shoulders cueing he’s heard
this message before, he says, “Oh, I know, I know” and puts on his helmet. I say to
him with a smile, “Thanks, and have fun!” 

Am I On Helmet Patrol This Week !!!?

On my morning walk a young boy on his
bike maybe 10 years old wearing his
helmet, enters through the gate, gets off his
bike, takes off his helmet, puts it in his
backpack, and gets back on his bike. Out of
his parent’s site I imagine and about to ride
up into the school parking lot.

As I walk past him, I share the same
wisdom with him and he heaves a sigh
saying, “I know, I know” and puts his helmet
back on!!! LOLOLOL

Share Pause with a Teen >
You Can Help A Teen >
Practice The Pause for Yourself >

The Pause Crew has met face-to-face with many teens over the years. At first, they may resist The Pause, but eventually, they change their minds expressing gratitude that someone cared enough to
Pause with them!





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365 Pause Practices Day 268


What Gives You Peace?

Mary shares a quick Pause for Inspiration Practice around the question, “What Gives Me Peace?” 
Listen to Your Inner Wisdom for the Answer > > > Watch the Video
Or Use our NEW “Pause For My Peace of Mind” Practice below
~  ~  ~

Pausing is resetting your life. Resetting the way you think about life; resetting
the way you see. To reset is to begin again. Everyone deserves a second
chance. You are given more than two chances; every moment is an opportunity
to begin again. Pause. 
Pause Golden Book, page 12





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365 Pause Practices Day 267


Who Is Caring for You?

Sharing by Mary

Energy drops, body aches, irritability, overreacting, and lack of peace
are some signs that we may find it wise to practice “Pause for My Peace
of Mind” and ask, “What’s going on?” Instead of leaping for more
caffeine, junk food, tv, internet ~ what do you leap for looking for
peace and care only to fall into what is not Truly Caring at all?

How About Pausing for your Compassionate Loving Self (your
True Self), and receiving direction on what it means to truly care?

I was taught to put myself on the back burner and take care of
everyone and everything else. Take care of others physically,
emotionally, and spiritually, and do things for them that they can
clearly do for themselves. That’s ego “caring” ~ not true caring at all.

Who is Caring for You?
The self-sabotaging me-character?
Your Loving Compassionate Self?
Compassion is simply letting LOVE love you,
so you can love yourself, and others.

Mary’s Experience of Listening to my Loving Self Extending Compassion

Midafternoon and I notice an energy drop. 
I pause to be with my experience for a moment.
I’m irritated because I don’t have time for this.
Now I feel worse ~ no energy and irritated. Hmm.
I pause from the task at hand.
I pause from listening to that inconsiderate voice.

I listen to my Compassionate Self (CS) say, “Go upstairs and
do some movement, that will help.”

I reject this Voice saying back, “I’m busy.”

Compassion responds, “No you’re not. You just tell yourself that.”

What? Why would I tell myself that? I ask.

CS responds, “It’s convenient, familiar, it’s worked in the past to keep
you keeping on. But it’s not working anymore, is it, Mary?”

I go upstairs and join with my inner Compassion for a bit of
movement. I now feel calm, centered, and my mind is clear.
I return to the task at hand having compassion for myself and you.





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365 Pause Practices Day 266



in the Moment

by Natalie

My husband was mowing the lawn on Sunday and came to get me. He had
something he wanted to show me. He pointed to an area just below our gutter
where I spotted a HUGE female Yellow Garden Spider sprawled out on her web,
with a HUGE egg sac nearby. I visually admire her for a moment and then FEAR
starts settling in as she and her egg sac are just steps away from our side door
entrance. In doing research, I find that the egg sac can potentially hold
hundreds(?) of baby spiders inside!


And, Breathe.
And Relax my racing mind.
And ask Inspiration Within for Help.

As I’m Pausing, I am reminded how much I love Nature, how fascinating each
creature really is, and how beneficial spiders are to the garden (although I’d prefer
that she was IN my GARDEN, not near the door to the house!).

Inspiration Within helps me to appreciate this beautiful being and her interesting
life process. With Inspiration’s Help, I am checking on her daily, as I can see her
from my kitchen window, and when the eggs hatch, I will never leave my house
again. JUST KIDDING. Pausing reminds me to LAUGH and have FUN in the midst of everyday life!

Click on the Pause Golden Book above to Download,
Share, and read it. 

Shared from the
Pause Golden Book,
Page 28

I am Willing to trust
that there is a wisdom
and knowing
greater than what I am thinking,
yet still within me,
leading into an awareness
of the connection to Inspiration.

Inspiring a way of Being
Truly Helpful
in the World – Now.





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