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365 Pause Practices – Day 132


Thank you Mary Kirkou for the above artwork. Words from Pause book.


Pausing for Wisdom is easily applicable and

potentially beneficial

no matter what one’s point of view

How are we to know how our decisions, seeming large or small, will affect our own life and the lives of others? This is the point, we do not know everything and we are not expected to know everything. So, we can PAUSE.

In pausing and stepping back, awareness of ones’

Inspired Heart∞Mind can enter and Wisdom generously

shares a Bigger Picture showing us what can be

truly helpful in the grand scheme of things.

(pg. 18-19)

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A Detour – Another Road

I am in the kitchen cooking and watching the news. My eyes and ears light up when I hear a man being interviewed sharing his views. Out of habit, I think, “Oh, here we go again.” Then, all of a sudden, I paused.

As he is speaking about how he sees things, something in my mind drops away – my pigeon-holing him. It is as if I am being taken on a detour away from how I see things so I can open to his perception which is very different from my own perception.

He becomes like a window and my inner sight begins seeing him in a deeper way. His shadow falls away, as my judgments fall away. I am now seeing beyond all of our differences.

My detour has taken me down Another Road and we are fellow travelers in this human condition. Though we may appear separate, we are alongside one another in this human condition as Inspiration walks alongside us.

In a few moments of pause, I saw how it is that he sees what he sees, and, how it is that I see what I see. I am grateful Wisdom set up a detour and I followed. Another Way gives hope that help is always available if I am willing to let LOVE sweep my mind of that which is not helpful.

Looking through this BIGGER WINDOW I will see where I am led from here.

Thank you my fellow traveler for
sharing your experience.

We Are All Worthy of A Pause





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365 Pause Practices – Day 131


Stepping back from thinking appears to be nonsense. However, Inspiration is not thinking what you are thinking when Inspiration says, “step back from thinking.” To step back is to first notice what it is I am stepping into. Notice how you step forth in your mind without pausing to see whereabouts you are headed! What is it that draws you into certain thinking that holds no future for you? No real future.

Ask yourself when you choose to remember, “Am I here to share peace or commit to the ongoing pain of myself and my fellow travelers here in this world, on this earth? Is it not worth a moment of your preciousness to humble yourself to peace?

All that will be humbled is the hatred and unworthiness
you carry on your back and ask others to carry for you.
Let it go. (pg. 16)

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365 Pause Practices – Day 130


Inspiration is available every moment
of every day of every week of
every month of every year
for all of us! 

Today’s Pause Post is by Lisa and Natalie, the Pause Crew

A way we can connect with Inspiration in any situation is: we can Pause, get out of our own way, and ask, “Is there another way to see this?” “What would be truly helpful now?” Now is the important part – Following what Inspiration reveals to you in this moment.

Allow yourself a little willingness to let your mind be open to receive Inspiration. Inspiration can be received as thoughts, ideas, images, and in numerous other ways natural to each of us.  We all can receive Inspiration Within if we are willing to Pause.

We all have choices to make ALL the time with EVERYTHING. In one 24-hour day, there are 86,400 seconds. That gives us 86,400 possible opportunities to Practice Pause.  Seriously, we can take some of these opportunities to quiet the chatter, to let our minds be a clean slate, and to invite the Wisdom of Inspiration in. As with any practice, the more you Pause, Step Back, and Step Aside the easier it gets to Let Inspiration Guide. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 129


Let Your Mind Be A Clean Slate

The breath of Inspiration is clear and clears – This Peace is breathing in
you – breathe in This Peace.

Giving some space happens in your stepping back from yourself and all
that is happening in your mind. 
Spaciousness enters and lightens the load.

Your world is not going to suddenly fall apart if you take a moment or two
and allow awareness to spread out a fresh, clean, open space upon which
you may take a seat.
Be here.

pg. 22 Pause Yellow Book
Practice in Stepping Back: The decision to get out of my own way

I Am Practicing Stopping Taking Passing Thoughts So Seriously!

Saturday morning I was being bombarded with useless thoughts and I was valuing every one of them! I was fed up with this nonsense.

I paused, decided to step back from my crazy-making thinking self, and saw how meaningless these thoughts were, and how they were interfering not only with my peace of mind, but my ability to hear Helpful thoughts.

I DECIDED to stop paying so much attention to the same passing thoughts about nothing. As I did so, they floated away, out of my awareness. I let my mind become a clean, fresh slate.

As harassing chatter about the past, the future, the time, judging myself and others, and avoiding potential JOY begin to recede, I calmed down. Not only that, I received Wisdom about how to spend my time that day.

I had the most JOYOUS day of laughter, companionship, connecting, and miracles.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 128


Today We Pause For All Mothers


For All Women Who Mother In Myriad Ways

Blessings upon all mothers, all women, who love unceasingly, no matter what. I know my mom did. And in those moments when our mothers may
not have seemed so loving; we can forgive their fear, their worry,
their own hurt and pain, their doubt, their unfulfilled dreams, their
tired nights, and too busy days ~ for all our mothers
are both human and divine, as are we.

Because of the LOVE that loves us all, mothers, in their being
human can love, and through Divine LOVE are:

Frail yet strong

Vulnerable while willing to take risks 

Afraid yet trusting

Struggling and letting go all at once

Wishing they could have done better while doing the best they could

Lonely and wise enough to seek divine consolation

Desolate yet still receiving LOVE so they can love and console family,
neighbors, friends, and complete strangers
on the spot anywhere, any time

Grieving though still cooking, cleaning, and getting us dressed

Doubting and praying for direction

Hungry yet pausing to feed the family

Disciplining and never giving up on us

Creating their own life while giving us life

Be forgiven and forgive

Human yet always divine

Thanks Mom
for showing me how to love, embodying your faith, teaching me to pray unceasingly,
and literally giving your
life for your family.

Marty, Bill, and I all
miss you everyday;
your laugh, the unexpected wild remarks, your tears,
and the way you loved.

We still feel your presence with us though, as we live everyday life, you and dad, watching over us, cooking with us, praying with us, and still to this day
loving us, no matter what.

Three days after my mother’s passing on to a way better life, this butterfly showed up as I walked through Missouri Botanical Gardens with a friend. 

This Blue Morph followed us around for 45′ resting on our foreheads, our hands, and yes even our hearts. No doubt a message from my mom that she was very much ALIVE and ALREADY FREE.

Encouragement to go on living, letting LOVE, love me so I can live free now, so I can love myself and others, no matter what.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 127


Not Enough Time?


Your Inspired Heart∞Mind knows and is fully present. Practicing Pause is one way to experience your Inspired Heart∞Mind as a way of being present. (page 70 Pause Yellow book)


Take a Breath

Give a moment now.

Take a breath.

Acknowledge that you are slowing down to pause.

Take a breath.

Accept the background sounds as is; no need to push them away.

Take a breath.

Notice being surrounded by a quiet calm.

Take a breath.

Open to receive even the slightest sense of Peace within your mind.

Take a breath.

It’s okay to have mental chatter; no need to push it away.

Take a breath.

Simply let Peace share Peace with you. No effort.

Take a breath.

Continue pausing ~ receive Peace for as long as you choose.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 125


Loosening My Grip ~

Choosing Pause, Letting Lightness In ~

Feeling bogged down? Maybe by all the to-dos, situations, relationships, the
state of the world, or perhaps your own thinking? I realized this morning that it
is less about all I have to do and more about
how I approach all of the to-dos.

Asking, “How am I approaching time and space?”

In a pause, I remembered I can approach today with pausing as it is in a pause that I find a lightness ~ I can access feeling lighter.

In the movement studies I have engaged in and still practice and teach, one of the qualities of movement is “lightness”. Today, as I am feeling bogged down with to-dos and the thoughts I tell myself about the to-dos, I have decided to practice pausing as a way to approach the to-dos and the actual doing so I can begin to experience

a sense of lightness that all pausing brings 

I am recognizing that the first place to begin is to allow the thoughts in my mind to pause so they can 

become lighter; now I am experiencing my thoughts as if they are clouds, gentle breezes, or cotton balls. 

This is a stark contrast from gripping, holding onto, attaching myself
to my thoughts.

I am also allowing a pause to open to a sense of lightness in my body;

pausing for lightness in my hands

my feet

pausing for lightness at the base of my skull

pausing for lightness in my face

my jaw

pausing for lightness in my heart

pausing for lightness upon my shoulders

all can become lighter

with my simple thought of pausing

aggressive attachment is replaced with lightness, peace of mind

. . . to-dos are still getting themselves done

not saying this is easy today, but even my willingness 

to be aware that I have a choice is better than the alternative






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365 Pause Practices – Day 124



putting pause into practice day

In a recent morning pause, Inspiration fed me with clarity. I ate it up! How did
that happen? I stopped figuring. I let go of my figuring, “Figuring is the belief that calculating will protect me from harm . . . worry is the motivation for most figuring”(pg. 17). In an evening pause the night before, I asked Inspiration about something very specific, and then I let it go. The following morning, suddenly the clarity showed up in the pause. Clarity partnered with immense JOY. I was given true insight and even the precise words as I began writing the insight down on paper. Glorious!

All safety begins in the mind. A mind at peace is a mind

that is safe. As feelings of vulnerability arise, be open to

the Inspiration living inside of you – lean into LOVE. 

You have access to a mind that was not composed by fear,

but by LOVE. Let this be the Mind, your Inspired Mind, whom you

look to for clarity. The Mind of Inspiration is clear and will

bring clarity into your awareness.

pg. 18

complimentary pause yellow book download

Is there something you want clarity around?
Practice Pause
and Welcome Clarity.





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