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365 Pause Practices – Day 193


There is a section in the Pause Golden Book entitled, 
LIVING HEALTH pages 51 – 79.
People have shared that it’s their favorite part of the book.
Here is an excerpt that contains the quote above.

LIVING HEALTH IS not about appearances

Living Health is living life from the Inside out. We tend to live life the other way
around – from the outside in – that is, from appearances, and then we ingest
appearances and wonder why we feel sick or off or disconnected or out of
touch. Or perhaps we feel nothing at all.

Are you out of touch with the inside of you?
Are you living your life from the outside in or the Inside out?

Caught Up In Appearances

Where have you been appearing lately? Would you rather be real instead of
being an appearance? You have to be willing to connect with this Inside
Self. How? Pause For Inspiration. Long pauses, short pauses, daytime pauses,
nighttime pauses, still pauses, moving pauses, body pauses ~ 
PAUSE already!

LIVING HEALTH is the willingness to check in.

Heart Petals, Checking In

The value of Pause as a way to connect with one’s Inside Self, this wise inner knowing, is immense. Pause looks simple at first glance, and thankfully it is; simple and easy to use in ordinary life. Yet in all of its simplicity Practicing The Pause can lead you on a trek of your inner landscape through which you can wander, learn, and receive long-sought truly helpful answers to your questions. Putting Pause into practice can open us to the petals of the heart.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 192


Choose Peace – Choose Pause

Shared By Lisa, A Pause Crew Member

I went to a store the other day and knew exactly what I wanted and
where to find it. For security reasons the item I was buying was
labeled, “Empty Box. Take to register for product.” (or something like
that). When the clerk went to scan the box she said, “Well, this box is
empty. Why did you bring this up here?” So, I pointed out the label on
the box. On a sigh, she radioed for the item to be released from ‘lock-up’.

When the real item was delivered, she asked if I had a store account
before she scanned it. I gave her my store card which has all my
information on it. She clicks a few keys on the register and then tells
me the card is not valid and “Expired on June 30th”. She hands me a
printout and said I would need to apply for a new account as the
store’s policy has changed. When she handed the card back, I looked
and did not see an expiration date.

I stammered for a moment, and I think she took this as an insult
because she became aggressive toward me. THIS really made my head
spin because not only am I confused by her earlier statement but now
I am blindsided by her aggression. I could feel myself wanting to take
over the situation and overpower her attitude with one of my own. 
I chose to Pause instead.

I quieted all the thoughts and feelings – the questions, the confusion,
the anger, the indignation, etc. – and took a deep breath. In this
breath, I asked for help from my inner Wisdom. I felt a calm come over
me and I saw the lady with new eyes. I could see she was struggling
so I chose not to react to her aggression and remained calm.

She did eventually ask for assistance from a co-worker and everything
was sorted out; it was her error and not my card. I did not gloat or say
anything about it. I was thankful it all worked out peacefully because I
had made the choice to Pause.

And at the end of our transaction, her attitude towards me changed
and she apologized for her error.

I chose to accept her apology.

I chose to Pause For My Peace Of Mind.

Click on the image of the card for front and back views.
~ save, share, and print ~





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365 Pause Practices – Day 191


Teaching from a Hawk

who are you striving to become?

Stepped out for an early morning walk the other day and look who showed up! Having just circled the bend in front of our home I felt a swoosh of something over my head. I looked up and there was the immense wingspan of this beautiful brown and white hawk. He swooped down settling himself on the green grass near the sprinkler.

Grabbed my phone, opened the camera, and began videoing this guy. Beginning at a distance I gradually moved in closer with a new video.
His presence was quite welcoming. I wanted him to take off and fly so I could catch another glimpse of his awesome wingspan but instead 
he beckoned me to pause with him, and so we did. lol


Encountering a hawk has numerous meanings when I searched online, many with which I resonate. Though I thought why not listen to inner guidance about this encounter using Pause. I also wanted to practice,
Pause For Inspiration The 4 Decisions, because I lost my peace over nothing this morning. I sensed there was something deeper that led to losing my cool that was not nothing.


Moving through my practice feeling something ungluing itself, I went grocery shopping during the ungluing! I shared Pause cards with the cashier and she loved them. Seeing that I was loaded up with groceries and it was the end of her shift, she offered to grab another cart and help me out to my car. I usually refuse the help but I paused from my impulsive, “No, thanks” and responded, “Sure!”

She held the shopping carts and read the Pause card as I unloaded the groceries, and she asked, “Are you a writer?” I paused because I don’t see myself as a writer, but rather more one who listens and writes what I receive from Inspiration Within. Skipping the explanation I simply said, “Yes.” This was the prompt inner Inspiration had planned. This was all part of the ungluing, to reach deeper into the trunk and pull out the Pause Golden Book to give her. 


I hopped in my car and from the unexpected encounter with the hawk paired with an unplanned exchange with this young woman, I received an answer to an inner question that I have pondered for years. I heard:

“Mary, if you were to meet your Self on the street and have an encounter with your Self, who you are truly,
you would be so happy, and you would think,
“Wow, I want to be like that person!

Mary, you are that person. (already)”

Who is it that you are striving to become?
All the while
who you are truly in all of your depth and breadth, 
right here, right now,
is that person.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 190


Giving and Receiving

It seems simple, you give something and you get something.
That’s giving and receiving, right?
But, to give and get something tangible
is different than the exchange that happens
when you share Your Inspired Self with another.
When you Receive Inspiration Within,
you are able to give the gift
of your Inspired Heart & Mind to others.
When this happens, it comes back to you in spades!  

From the Pause Golden Book, Page 279:

What is giving, but to Give that which you already have, being that you Received it in Inspiration’s Giving it to you!

Here’s how it works:
Inspiration gives to us,
we give Inspiration away,
Inspiration comes back to us,
Giving and Receiving are one in the same.

In true Giving and Receiving, there is no sense of sacrifice
for we Give from our Inspired Self Heart & Mind,
which is plentiful and we Receive plenty in return.

There is nothing more calming,

loving, and helpful than

Giving and Receiving from one’s Inspired Self.

Click on the Pause Golden Book above to download it. 

As a note: the Pause Golden Book does not need to be read from beginning to end. Sometimes simply opening it anywhere and reading a sentence, a paragraph, or a page or two, can prove helpful and just what is needed in the moment.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 189


Teens Learning The Value of Pause

This photo makes me smile. The unique energy of each teen, their faces, and the teen in the white/black sweatshirt holding up the PAUSE for LOVE green bumper sticker all lift my heart. These girls taught my friend and Pause volunteer, Bridget and me a lot about the challenges we all face in
deciding to Practice The Pause in daily life.
Bridget Long, Ph.D., an educator, would tell stories about how we judge one another and the effect it has on our relationship with ourselves and others. The teens truly resonated with her sharing of her own life experience. It was invaluable. We experience this in our sharing Pause again and again showing us how we are all truly connected.
Bridget would share how Pause is a helpful tool we can use to
“suspend judgment”. How helpful is that!

I am unceasingly amazed by what teens teach me about Pause!

When we meet with the young women and men each week,
we always ask, “So, did you have any opportunities to use The Pause
since we saw you last?” If they forgot, we ask, “Looking back do you now see times you perhaps could have paused, gotten out of your own way, listened to Your Helpful Self, and followed your inner guidance?” 

One teen’s Pause story I will never forget

“Yeah, a friend and I went to a party over the weekend. There were a lot of people there we didn’t know. Some guys asked my friend and me to go with them somewhere. As I was about to get in the car,
I paused and decided
it wasn’t a good idea. So, we didn’t get in the car.”

This story shows how applying Pause in the stuff of an ordinary day,
has the potential to change our lives for the better,
in ways seen and unseen.

Your Helpful Self is Always
Safe, Wise, Kind, and Truly Helpful.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 188


Painful, Thankful Thing

An experience shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I visited his brother in Atlanta. We had a wonderful time. Once home, I set out to pick up our dog at the doggy hotel, driving down Manchester Rd. in St. Louis, MO, which is a very long road giving me plenty of time to think. I drove along reminiscing the weekend and feeling grateful for my extended family. My husbands’ brother, as well as his sister, have become my brother & sister.

Then suddenly, I burst into tears.

I realized I was grieving my own biological sister. Our relationship has become non-existent over the years and apparently, there has been a sadness resting deep within me as a result. As I continued to cry, I felt Inspiration Within nudging me to deal with my feelings, here and now. Since childhood, I’ve been an avoider of feelings, which seems to show up in all kinds of different ways and when I least expect it.

I decided to Listen and Follow the guidance of Inspiration Within and I let myself feel these feelings. Thankfully, within minutes, my tears were drying up and I was experiencing an Inner Love for myself and my sister. I forgave us both and, in that moment, I let it all go. I also felt a sense of “permission”, an allowing, to move forward, to be happy and to live an Inspired Life. I wish that for my sister, too.

Although this was a painful moment, I take comfort in the Pause Practice for Centering me and helping me realize I am Loved, Safe, Healed, and Whole, no matter what. Many times, one cannot clearly see the outcome in situations. When I Pause, I am able to see that not knowing is alright.

I am Willing to Trust that there is a
Wisdom and Knowing
greater than what I am thinking,
yet still within me,
leading into an awareness of the
connection to Inspiration.

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 187


Welcome Patience

who couldn’t use to be more patient?

We’ve all done this. Standing in line at the grocery store, and yep, I picked the wrong line.

So, we sigh, shake our heads, shuffle our feet, and look around to see if another line is moving more quickly. 

“Dare I take a chance and change lines?” 

It’s 50/50 odds at best. How many times have you changed lines only
to find the first line you were in has now speeded up? Here you ran a few people over high jumping to the “faster” line only to find that someone’s credit card isn’t working, or it’s a shift change for the cashiers!!! lololol

Patience is not something the cubicle mind understands. It boxes patience up within its time frame. “Okay,” it says, “I will be patient for five minutes, but that’s all!” Hmm. What’s the plan for when five minutes is up? Face it, there’s no plan except to become EVEN MORE IMPATIENT. The cubicle self is incapable of patience.


So, the cubicle mind may take a time-out but return to the scene of its impatience
with the same mindset, same feelings, and same judgments only to resume
practicing impatience. 
Nothing has really changed.


The direction to “Rest in Quiet Patience” in the Pause is given. 

Rest is the nature of Quiet.
Be with Quiet.
Find patience here.

All of The Pause Practices are practices in patience because
they are practices in stepping back from what has caused me to be impatient in the first place ~ my cubicle mind ~ and stepping into my Wisdom Mind.

need an inner shift? click 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 186


The Power of Pausing With One Another

Thank you! It worked!!!

 Thank you to all who read yesterday’s Pause Post and were willing to help by practicing pausing for your Peace of Mind. There is no doubt in my mind that when 2 or more join together and are willing to open to Peace, Peace grows exponentially and is shared with EVERYONE. 

All of us Pausing for Peace helped me to see, yet again, that my mind is an environment. I can either trash that environment or I can choose to be aware of Peace in any moment, anywhere, and with anyone.

I didn’t sweep anger and frustration under the rug, rather I practiced
Pause For Peace of Mind. In doing so, I released the situation into Peace. A few minutes later, I noticed I had fully accessed Peace.
I had to only choose to be aware of this Peace already fully present
instead of rehashing trash.

Not only that,

my Peaceful Self directed me about something very specific which I will share in another post this coming week. So helpful.

The rest of the day was a blessing.
I cooked a healthy, delicious dinner
and even baked a homemade pumpkin pie ~
all in the pause.

Your connecting and sharing was so helpful and I felt
the reality that we are all connected. 

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365 Pause Practices – Day 185


We Are the Light FOR the World

a Pause Practice for Peace of Mind

Could you use . . .

a mental rest
a relaxed body
a breathing space
a clearer mind
smoothing out of emotions
a wiser way
a grateful heart?

I know I could!!!

So, to be perfectly honest with you, I am not peaceful at this moment.
Thus, I am calling out to all of you for help.
How can you help me? How can we help one another?

I was hoping today was going to be a day in which I experienced some of these very possible things anyone can experience in the list above.

My day began great! Woke up earlier than usual and couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to go for a walk before the St. Louis July heat set in. Good decision! I congratulate myself for following INspiration on that one. 

After breakfast and getting laundry going, I decided to have some morning quiet time which has become a rare event because I usually work instead! Poor decision. Not following INspiration who simply is calling me to rest. But today I truly do stop. Good decision!

Next, I wrote a post that felt truly guided by inner Wisdom, but then I let my peace of mind be destroyed. The story isn’t worth passing along. Though I will say that I was forcing myself to NOT follow the inner Wisdom I received. That will destroy your peace! I can’t, at this moment, seem to get past my lack of peace. And, as I teach in Pause, I will not repress my lack of peace or spew it all over someone else.

Rather, I will go within to this light that sparkles brighter than any fireworks ever could to receive help,


I will go to others, like you, to ask for help from
your inner light. 
together we can pause ~
together we can get out of our own way ~
together we can open the door for the TRULY HELPFUL Fireworks, ~
the inner light and love we all carry and share ~
together we can follow thIS light and love, so that ~
together we can be the light and love FOR one another and
be the light and love FOR the world ~

I can’t do this alone, none of us can,
nor are we supposed to do it alone.
Why else would we all be here? 

Taking a few moments to go through this
Pause for Peace of Mind Practice below
can help all of us, because it
can shine a light from within each ONE of us
all over ONE another and all across this world we share.

Peace be with you, You are the light FOR the world,

Mary . . . and thank you FOR HELPING.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 184


It wasn’t anything important anyway!

Shared by Lisa – A Pause Crew Member

My husband, Mark, and I were out on errands the other day. It was midday and Mark was hungry and like most – myself included – he was a little foggy-headed with a short attention span and not really “there”.

While in the car, we were chatting about nothing in particular – just filling the space really. I could tell he was not really “there”. I also noticed he was making the effort to be present by asking questions. 

He asked me a question and as I started to answer,
he interrupted!

What!  Seriously?!?  How dare he!

After his interruption, he asked, “What were you saying?”

With Mark in this hunger-induced “denseness,” I could feel that my response was going to be harsh and impatient. I felt my eyebrows draw in and felt my heartbeat surge. Irritation (my cubical mind) wanted to be in control of my response and not in a nice or helpful way!

I made the choice to Pause while I was driving and I got out of my own way by not letting irritation lead me to bad feelings (which would have then turned into a bad day and possibly a disruption in my relationship). 

I asked my Inspired Heart∞Mind, “What would be helpful right now?”

I heard, “Let it go! It wasn’t anything important anyway!”

I happily followed the advice I was given and I let it go! When Mark asked again what I had said, I simply said it was nothing and we started talking about our plans for the rest of the day. We had a lovely day too!

Just think; had I not Paused and asked for help with how I was going to respond, the day may have gone very badly!

Pausing for how, what, and when to respond saved the day!

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also wish to print or order it. 





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