365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 225


Investing 101 ~ One To One

Shared by Lisa

Generally investing is associated with money rather than with
willingness. However, a willingness to practice the Pause Practice can
be a great investment as it benefits more than just ourselves. When we
invest in the Pause Practice with our willingness – it is extended to others in
ways seen and unseen. You may notice the investment or you may not ~
and that is okay. The important part … is that we are willing to make the
investment by practicing the Pause Practice:

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Inner Wisdom Guide

It is a small investment of willingness that we can all bank on with
great dividends and interest being paid in Practical Solutions that are
Truly Helpful to ourselves and others!

Shared from the Pause Golden Book page 38


Practicing Pause For Inspiration, The 4 Decisions is a
decision! It is a decision for peace. Peace in your mind,
peace in relationships—peace in the world.


Nothing. Expect absolutely nothing. This is very important
as this outlook decreases the likelihood of cubicle expectations,
based on past experiences and what we think we
know, influencing this new moment. The 4 Decisions is a
present-centered practice Inspired by the Now.

Show up.

Come as you are.

Extend an invitation to Inspiration Within and say,

“Here I am.”

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365 Pause Practices Day 224


Invite InspirationWithin to Help

~Shared by Natalie~

I can’t seem to let go of things sometimes,
little nit-picky things,
that I hold onto tightly in my mind. 
Giving my ego something to do,
trying to sort it all out,
when there’s really nothing to “sort out” at all.
The Light comes on and I remember,
the answers lie within me,
Always within me.
Pausing, is a welcome break, in these moments.

When I Pause, get out of my own way,
and invite Inspiration Within to help,
answers become readily available to me.
No effort, No force.
It is Always, and in All Ways,
the guidance that is needed.

Wherever I am,
Whatever I am doing,
~Whatever I am THINKING,~
Whomever I am with.

Shared from Pause Golden Book, Page 24:

Open how? Pause. Pausing is opening. You may hear a lot about being
open, opening ourselves up etc. The cubicle self does not know how to truly
open. It is closed for business when it comes to opening to Inspiration!

Be opened and open.

How does Inspiration Within help? By coming to your aid illuminating any
lingering darkness in your mind. Darkness is the experience of forgetting
the light is on. Being open is flipping your awareness switch ON. The light
of Inspiration is always at your disposal. It is always on.
If you want to be aware of this fact, pause.
Pausing to illuminate the darkness clears up a lot of confusion.

Inspiration Within sees all that needs to be seen and helps you see it too.
Even if your vision is not so clear just yet after opening to Inspiration’s
help, you have been Given an inner flashlight, your Inspired Heart∞Mind,
to lead you through the darkness.

This is the Heart∞Mind with the light on.

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365 Pause Practices Day 223


When I Help Myself, I Help the World 

~Shared by Natalie~

Living in this world we experience challenges, mishaps, knee scrapes,
disappointments, and other such things. We also experience great Joys,
abundant Love, connections, and opportunities. At times, it may seem like
life is a balancing act of highs and lows, as life is chock full of many, varied
experiences. Sometimes when I find my mind whirling about something,
whether a person, situation, or circumstance, it distracts me from my
Peace. When this happens I know it’s time to Pause. For me, Pausing is
the sweet, soft pillow that I can rest my head upon during the highs and
lows, so that I can have Peace (balance) in the midst of all that occurs in everyday life. 

Pausing can bring Peace of Mind
to all who Practice Pausing.
When we’re Peaceful,
we share Peace with the World
and this is Helpful to Everyone.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 32:
When I PAUSE, I am able to be
in the world — NOW.

You are in this world to Be Truly Helpful. A way of Being Truly Helpful is
available to you 24/7. Thinking unhelpful, fear-based thoughts is
unhelpful to yourself and everyone. It can be different. Choosing to
think with Inspiration is in the realm of possibility.

To Be Truly Helpful is to live forth from an Inspired Heart∞Mind. 
Damage or harm coming to/from another is always the result of
someone being trapped in a cubicle mindset — the mindset of
aloneness, separation, isolation, and fear.

Error occurs when you choose the cubicle mind. Right thinking is
Inspired Thinking. How you think about someone or some situation or
relationship is Truly Helpful or not. Behavior comes forth from thinking;
cubicle or Inspired.

Being Truly Helpful is being present to Inspiration Within,
listening, and following its guidance:

Relax, listen, open to be Helped.
Be humbly available to Inspiration.
No hurry.
Follow Inspiration as Inspired.
No effort, no force, whenever I am willing.
The choice is always mine.
Inspiration’s Peace of Mind is always present,
Always ours to choose.

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365 Pause Practices Day 222


A Public Service Announcement

An opportunity for a very helpful donation that
does NOT involve money ~ just a willingness. 
If you and I are willing to practice Pause For Love 
today, we will be making a very helpful donation.

The more you and I practice Pause For Love 
today, the more LOVE everyone, including
ourselves ~ seen and unseen ~ 
will receive This LOVE!

Please donate by just being willing to let This LOVE,
Love you ~ today. How? By being willing to practice
the Pause For Love practice below.

Love heals what I thought could not be healed;
loves what I thought could not be loved.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 221


What do I really want in all of my relationships?

Peace? Keep reading.

The cubicle heart÷mind is all about the
past, holding onto past mistakes,
yours, mind, and ours, building up
resentments and grievances galore,
and stuffing them in next year’s holiday
stockings, the junk drawer, and almost
always the body! Yep, the body takes
the blows of the cubicle mindset.

What is our access code out of this nightmare?


like the kind of pause in the space between
two breaths that connects one breath to the
next ~ inhale∞exhale

The cubicle self is in such a deep state
of sleeping and dreaming that it is
unaware of the space between the breaths.

Now, the cubicle self tends to hold its
breath, so instead of a space between
the breaths it generally finds itself
gasping for its next breath ~ and, well
there goes any hope of

Pause Golden Book pg. 228

Why do we need to be Truly Helpful in all relationships?


To come to know our Inspiring Self Heart∞Mind.

Why do we need to know our Inspiring Self Heart∞Mind?
To experience Peace.

Why do we need to experience Peace?
To put an end to pain and suffering of all kinds.

Why do we need to put an end to pain and suffering?
To discover what is beneath it.

Why do we need to discover what is beneath it?
Because what is beneath it is YOU!

Have you been looking for your Self?
Your Inspired Self? 

Have you been practicing the
Inspiring HeartMind Dance?

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~
Let Your Inspired Self Guide?

Nobody dances like our Inspired Self.

Pause Golden Book pg. 237

One-to-One Relationships can go from hazardous
collisions to One Heart Helping. Get up and Dance! It’s
only 4 steps folks!!! … and don’t tell me you don’t dance
because I’ve seen you when nobody is looking.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 220


Pause ~ Welcome Peace

Shared by Natalie

For me, the ego shows up in many ways, but mostly as a little bully.
I am pushed to excel and I don’t need help from anyone,
I’m just fine doing it ALL by myself.
Sometimes I remind myself of Eeyore from Whinnie the Pooh
who always said,
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright ALL by my (miserable) self”. 

Thank goodness I can Pause.
And Pause again, as often as needed!

When I Pause,
I can Welcome Peace into each of these moments.
I am able to S.l.o.w Down.
I can Enjoy the Present Moment.
~ Here and Now ~
Wherever I am,
Whatever I am doing
Whomever I am with.
I make better, more productive choices throughout my day.
My relationships are more meaningful.
My Inner Joy can be Shared with others
when I Pause.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book,
Pages 276 and 288-293

Now instead of never, the past, the future, or someday is the “time” to welcome Peace into your life. Now is not a hand on a clock. Now is any moment the Hand of Peace gets your attention. Before planning all of your future now moments, notice you have arrived in this one. If you are willing to be present in one of your situations, circumstances or relationships right now, notice how are you being moved to be?

Now is being Present.
Being Present is Being Aware.
Being Aware is Being Here Now!
Roll Call – Are you Here?

Try the PEARL Practice to Experience Being Here Now:

Pause your mind. Be still on the inside. Still your body if needed.
   Notice that you are not being present.
Express your willingness to open to Inspiration Within; “I am willing.”
Allow awareness to shift to Inspirations’ Presence within you.
Rest with a One-Pointed focus on This Present Moment.
   Slow down. Receive.
   Be Here Now.
   Breathe in the Now.
   Let the Now Breathe in You.
Listen and Follow This Wisdom being revealed to you.

           Let go of the outcome.

           Give thanks.

           You have accepted your invitation to NOW.

Click on the Pause Golden Book above to download and read it. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 219


The Rhythm of Breath

an opportunity for you to practice & have an experience that is yours to receive for you ~

I am grateful that I am taking the time for this,
for myself, for the world,
as we all breathe together one big sigh of relief. 

Keep in mind that I am sharing my experience. Your experience of pausing and
observing your breath will be specific to you. No need to attempt to replicate
my experience thus missing out on your gift designed for you to receive. I emphasize
this because LOVE is providing each person with a way for her/him to follow, and
we don’t want to miss it by hopping on someone else’s path!

~   ~   ~

The other night, to help with winding down, I decided to pause from reading, tv, to
be with my breath. Sitting in bed, the room dark, I closed my eyes and began
observing my breath. I appreciate how we can come to each new moment anew,
without trying to repeat the past or meet long-held expectations, but rather
meeting this new moment.

That’s a gift we all have been given, the capacity to meet each new moment
anew. Being with our breath can help us greet this
Newness that is available in a Pause.

As I begin being with my breath, I am rejuvenated almost immediately, feeling free
from time and thinking! I notice being with my breath more deeply than ever
before. Hearing intricacies I have never heard, they are exciting, like the sounds of
various instruments playing. I want to hear more, and I do! I contact an undercurrent of breath,
a breath perpetually undisturbed. A foundational breath stabilizing all breaths that are being breathed. Then atop this 
Foundational Stabilizing Breath, I observe a small breath that is trembling, vibrating, like an instrument.

Hmm, I wondered, what’s that? My cubicle mind wanted to jump in there to analyze, worry, stir up emotions, and interrupt my simple pausing to be with my breath.


In a pause, which IS an undisturbed flow of tranquility, I notice the will of the cubicle mind asserting itself, wanting to
do its job because after all, that’s what the cubicle mind does, its job! On some level, even the cubicle mind wants to
“help”, or shall I say “fix” what’s “wrong”.

Yet, in this tranquil pause, there is clearly nothing to fix, nothing wrong, rather a
clear choice to simply be with the Undercurrent and the trembling. In Stepping Back
from the ego’s pull to analyze, to fix, to worry, I feel as though I am being given a
great gift of some kind, a mystery is being unveiled. I am being gifted with the
release of what feels to be the remnants of something past, perhaps a crisis or moment of
extreme stress, now feeling safe enough in LOVE’s Pauseful Presence,
to come to the surface, to be seen, be heard, felt, healed, and let go.
LOVE IS THE GIFT, LOVE IS GIFTING. I choose to receive the gift with continual pausing to be with my breath.

My breath returns anew to this Foundational Breath ~ a peaceful, stabilizing
rhythm upon which I can now find deeper rest. 

I am grateful that I am taking the time for this,
for myself, for the world,
as we all breathe together one big sigh of relief. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 218


Take a Breath, Save a Relationship

breathe willingness

Looking at our one-to-one relationships with the LOVE that LOVES us all, is the key that opens the lock that opens the door that hits the walls of the cubicle heart÷mind and the cubicle relationship walls start tumbling down!

There is plenty of time and space and finally with a wall knocked down,
some fresh air is coming in and we can,

Why do we need to breathe?
Remember what happens in the space connecting two breaths?
Inspiration Within 
Willingness to pause, step back, step aside and let Inspiration Guide ~
Excerpt from Pause Golden Book, pg. 227

Breathe Willingness

I am not claiming to be the expert on this – I don’t want to end up on Dr. Phil, but when I am willing to Pause and become aware of my breath, a useful transition occurs. I move from preventing or reacting; from unhelpful perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and words ~ I move toward becoming calm. Now, I can rest in a pause preventing several possible episodes for Dr. Phil.

Pause to Save a Relationship

In any situation in which I am interacting verbally or even non-verbally, with someone with whom I am familiar or unfamiliar, I can pause and become aware of my breath prompting an awareness of the Wisdom found in me, in Peace.

Here Is a Breath Practice to Help You Be Willing to Practice Pausing, Stepping Back, Stepping Aside, Letting Your True Self Guide and Following the Guidance in everyday life! Safe, wise, and truly helpful.

Be with the breath as it is
No effort, no force 
Observe the breath as it is
Listen to the breath as it is
Let the breath breathe itself
As distractions will arise, as they surely do,
Return to the breath 
again, and again, and again

Yay for you ~ You may have saved a relationship, and you now have Peace in your Heart∞Mind to boot.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 217


Relation Ship Sailing

Beginning today PAUSE is dipping its big toe into relationships ~ as viewed
through the eyes of Inspiration shared in the Pause Golden Book ~
ALL relationships ~ family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances,
strangers, bosses, passersby . . . From a momentary encounter with a
cashier to a lifelong relationship and all encounters in between, we are all
given plenty of opportunities to care, to share peace, to be wise, to heal, to
express kindness, to laugh, to give and receive, and to Love.

Buckle UP!

Relation Ship Sailing
Pause Golden Book

Could it be?
Is it true? Must we, must we look at our relationships?
Do I have to?
Do I have to?

Isn’t there some way out of this?
Can’t I just make a few phone calls?
Can’t I have somebody else examine my relationships for a small fee?
Can I hire a relationship attorney and have her draw up some
legal papers I can sign?

I’ll be in as many relationships as you want, but can somebody else
do the editing ~ dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s”?

There are no little “i’s” to be dotted and no little “t’s” to be crossed.
You know already ~ 

Because it is the “BIG I” that we need to look to in our relationships and
the” BIG T” that is the foundation of our relationships, so we may be
Truly Helpful one~to~one!

It is the little “i”, that is the cubicle self, who got us into
all of our relationships
It is the BIG I, that is our Inspired Self, who is going to get us out!

Not out of our relationships mind you,
but the way we perceive relationships and their purpose.
It is the little “t” of the little “i”, that would be “cubicle truth,”
that has misguided all of our relationships
It is the BIG T, our True Inspiring Nature
that is available in a Pause Practice, to Inspire all of our relationships.

The excerpt you just read is from our
Pause Golden Book, Relation Ship Sailing, pages 225-226
Open this book to any page and receive a moment of Inspiration ~
laugh, breathe, ah~ha, slow down, heal





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365 Pause Practices – Day 216


In the Pause,
I See Myself Being Who I Am

Shared by Natalie

When someone asks, “how are you doing”, is your normal response to say “I’m fine”, “I’m good”, “I’m doing great” or something very similar, even when you’re maybe not doing fine, good or great? Mine, too!

Well, lately I’ve been Pausing to do internal check-ins with myself to ask, “how am I really doing right now, in this moment?” This has been helpful for me to respond from my True Self in all situations.

My Internal Wisdom has revealed to me how I perceive saying, “I’m not fine” as akin to weakness or vulnerability or negativity or being downtrodden. I’m not sure why I think I need to gloss over not being fine or why I need to be perpetually strong and resilient. We, as a society, really push this standard, I suppose.

When I Pause,
I realize I don’t have to do that anymore.
I can just be ME
through any and all facets of my life,
as there will be many.
It adds stress to my life
when I ignore how
I’m feeling in the moment
or when I’m unable
to share my experience when asked.

So, yesterday, when a friend asked how I was doing, I responded with my usual, “I’m doing fine, I’m great”, but then I felt a Pause within me and I added, “well, I’m feeling a little off today, actually, as I don’t think I slept very well”.

When I shared how I was feeling, the most wonderful and unexpected connection happened between us. It was like our Inspired Minds had become joined as one in that moment.
My Heart now Full of Love and Joy.
I am certain this moment would not have happened
had I just said that I was doing great
and been on my way.

I was Truly Grateful for this moment and it was just what I / we needed. Inner Wisdom always knows what is needed. When I’m Open and Willing to Listen and Follow this Wisdom. When I Trust Inner Wisdom, I can Welcome My True Self into everyday life.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 319:
“When you arise each day,
set your mind on your willingness
To Be Truly Helpful,
for this is welcoming your
Inspiring Heart & Mind
into your awareness, your day, your life. 
Throughout the day, welcome your Self again and again
simply by whispering YES to Inspiration Within.

Do you want to be your Inspired Self in relationships?
In any given moment say in your mind,
“I see my Self being who I am”.

As you accept who you truly are,
you are doing your part.
As you do your part,
others are Inspired to do their part.
You become an agent of Inspired Self-Acceptance.
Each person accepting, being, and doing their part.
And so, Love flows one-to-one.”





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