365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 355


To Pause or Not to Pause… That is the Question.

~The choice is always ours~

By Natalie

Pausing offers me a choice. When I can take a moment to Pause,
I’m given a choice to respond from a place of Inspiration and Love,
versus reacting swiftly from my me-character-cubicle-mind.

My Inspired Self shows me that when I’m not Pausing:

  • I’m choosing to have the last word
  • I’m choosing to hurt someone’s feelings
  • I’m choosing to be selfish
  • I’m choosing to puff my ego to make my cubicle self feel better
  • I’m choosing to win at all costs (the argument, the deal, the fill-in-the-blank)
  • I’m choosing to be someone I’m not.

Pausing brings my cubicle self into my awareness,
so I can step back, get out of my own way,
and connect with My True Inspired Self.

My True Inspired Self
guides me away from the nonsense
and toward a Helpful response!

Won’t you join me in Choosing to Pause?

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 28:

A choice is upon you. Decide for or against Love, for or against Joy, 
for or against Hope. The decision to follow Inspiration Within
is the choice for your True Self. You are free to choose
and you are choosing every moment. 

Do you want to know who you are? Follow.

Click the card to enlarge & 
see the 
front & back 
of the card.


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SharePrint, and Order it.





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365 Pause Practices Day 354


Embarking Upon a Life Worth Living

Mary Shares

Be an alive and well human being living your purpose.
Be who you truly are, and do what is yours to do.
Helping and Healing yourself and others,
all in a pause.


1) How am I setting up ROADBLOCKS in my life?

2) Who can I ENCOURAGE today?

3) Who may be a WISE FIT for this team, project, or endeavor?

4) What ideas, beliefs, and concepts am I CLINGING to that are
keeping me trapped in stuck mode?

5) What can I DELEGATE?

6) Am I trusting thoughts that tell me I am UNWORTHY? Am I willing to listen to
and trust the thought: I AM WORTHY BECAUSE LOVE LOVES ME?

7) Am I willing to experience a TANGIBLE CONNECTION to THIS LOVE?
Even though it may mean changing my daily choices
and how I relate to others.

8) Whom is inner Wisdom showing me needs my HELP TODAY?

9) Name a person or situation that could benefit from me

10) What’s CLOGGING MY HEART? Can I Pause to Open my Heart?

11) On a scale of 1 – 5, 1 being “Not at all” and 5 being “100% Willing Now”,
How willing am I to EXPERIENCE A CHANGE OF MIND from my
cubicle mind stuck in the box, to my True, Inspired, & Wise Mind?

There are lots more questions where these came from!
They came from my Inspired Heart~Mind.
What questions is your Inspired Heart~Mind asking you
to ask, and listen to Inspiration Within for the answers?

Go ahead, you can do it. CLICK ON THE CARDS, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS,





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365 Pause Practices Day 353


Pause Golden Book page 99

WHAT Is Pause for Inspiration?

An in-the-moment expression of INSPIRATION.
The Pure Spirit of Peace and Helpfulness
is pervading the universe as you connect



Say, “So long,” to your cubicle self who is busy thinking on its own in its
cubicle, unable to see beyond its cubicle world.

Say, “Hello,” to your Inspired Self who is patiently
awaiting your attention and willingness to listen.

Pause For Inspiration
is a mission that begins in the
heart of every willing mind.

Being Truly Helpful is seeing through, above, and
beyond the cubicle self and into the Inspired Self.

In this presence of heart and mind, you experience
INSPIRATION. Allow Inspiration through you to
Inspire the dispirited and experience your
Inspiring Self Heart and Mind.

As we give help in ways seen
and unseen, so shall we receive help



Help extend Inspiration

to others!

YOU make it possible with your support!

Every little bit helps.

Thank you!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Read what others are saying about

Pause For Inspiration!

“It is a joy to share the Pause for
Inspiration cards with others.
I have found that in helping
others, you help yourself
to be inspired
. And when I am
feeling down, dehydrated,
and suffering from fatigue,
in need of a blood transfusion,
or just saying, ‘Why me?
Why me with this cancer?’ I
take the time to read the
Pause For Inspiration card and
feel like I get control of my life.
Why don’t you take the time to
Pause For Inspiration and
change your life?”

Laverne Holliday
Popular Jazz Radio Host

“It is a MUST and a PLUS!”

Vanessa White

Zion Travelers

“Continue to provide tools that
help people connect with their
helpful self. The ability to do so
is beneficial for self and others.
The cards you provide are
helpful. We look forward to
having the School Nurses
create Pause cards of their own
with your guidance! Thank you.” 

Surilla Shaw, RN, MSN
School Nurse Coordinator, Saint Louis Public Schools





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365 Pause Practices Day 352


Being Held Free

Mary Shares

Grace is something that is hard to put into words for it is beyond anything
words in the world have to offer. Grace is an experience of being free on the
inside. Something is holding you and yet, you are being held without restraint.
You want to be held, you do not mind being held ~ for somehow in being held
you are free.

This being held free holds out no hoops for you to jump through. Grace is
offered. Offered for your acceptance. Acceptance of Grace brings immediate
freedom. It is the Catcher and the Net even when it seems there is no Catcher and no Net.

So, in your cubicle self you will fall from Grace, but Grace
has not fallen away from you.

Such is Grace. The offer stands.
“Living Health” In The Pause Golden Book page 75



Android users please pause as we are working on the app being available for you!
YOU CAN Download The Pause FREE App to your PC:





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365 Pause Practices Day 351


Kids Can Pause and Parents, too!

Get to know your Helpful Self.

Have you heard

of this book?

Here’s how others are using the book and

how it has been helpful to them…

“I realized that my interventions with my 10-year-old son sometimes made things worse and that he needed to have some
control over the situation and could redirect himself. While learning Pause, he was facing a problem with a classmate and shared, ‘I just paused and thought of a better way I can think about this.’ He keeps his reminder KIDS CAN PAUSE CARD on his desk and sometimes needs to read it to himself. We have fewer breakdowns and he is able to pull things together much quicker and we have had a wonderful turnaround.”

Jennifer Wofford
RN, School Nurse & Mom
Peabody Elementary

“One of my parents that met with you, Mary, was excited to use the book for her children. She started using it with her 9-year-old son to help him regulate his emotions in a healthy way. She has him write down two scenarios a day on how he used the Pause to help with confrontation at school. It’s working she says!”

Shera Williams
Family Advocate
YWCA Head Start
Lewis & Clark

“Oh, I use Pause! It has completely transformed my 4-year-old grandson. He was out of control, doing terrible at his school, the teacher couldn’t control him and he had an IEP at 4 years old! I began practicing Pause, then shared the PARENTS CAN PAUSE CARD with my grandson’s teacher and also began sharing about pausing with him. His teacher began using Pause with him as well and he has completely changed. Now at 6 years old, he is well-behaved, doing great in school, and getting all purple stars -that’s the highest color you can get in the classroom!”

Lisa, Grandmother
Postal Clerk

“I have shown so many the book you gave me at the last Missouri
Parents ACT summit. I have read this book to families and shown it to
my new coworkers, and they just love it!“

Carrie Ragsdale
Intensive In-Home Specialist
Family Facet

Click the cards below to enlarge & see
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365 Pause Practices Day 350


Sharing a Pause

By Natalie

I wish someone would have shared a Pause Practice card
with me in my younger years. I certainly needed to Pause.
My mom has told the story many times of how I came home
with my school papers one day with the name
“Lori Taylor” written on them. She was confused and
asked me where were MY papers. I told her they were my papers
and that I wanted my name to be Lori.

This may sound like some sort of identity crisis,
but what my younger Self really needed
was to be reminded, in that moment,
that there was a Love that loved me, no matter what,
and that I could Pause, listen to Inner Wisdom,
and receive this Love, then, and now.

Practicing the Pause Practice and
sharing the Pause Practice with others
is a gift of remembrance
that we are all worthy of a Pause.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 43:

Ways to share the free Pause cards with others:

    • Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and Inspiration will guide you as to when, where,
      how, and with whom to share.
    • As a clerk gives you your change, give the card in exchange for your change. Say something like, “Oh, here’s a card about Pausing For Inspiration.” Have fun with it.
    • Give it to anyone who comes to you for an appointment or to whom you go to for an appointment.
    • Give it to other “customers” in stores as you find yourself in the casual conversation. So many people are looking for a simple way to de-stress. Everyone is open to a more meaningful life.
    • People you “run into” anywhere. Remember, there are no accidental meetings. Old friends, new friends, co-workers, ex-bosses… whoever is right in front of you.
    • Put it in the envelope with your mailed bill payments.
    • Include it in greeting cards.

    Thank you for helping yourself, helping others,
    and helping the world by your being willing to
    Pause for Inspiration.

    Click the card below to enlarge & see
    the front & back of the card.
    You can also
    DownloadSharePrint, and Order it.

    of a





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    365 Pause Practices Day 349


    People Pleasing Can Lead
    to This

    The irony of people-pleasing behavior is that no one is pleased in the end. Quite the opposite, in fact. On the surface, someone may appear “pleased” but wait, hold on, the bucket of manure is going to fall on the head, or more likely be dumped on the head, of the one who is NOT pleased after all, by the one who is Practicing People Pleasing!!! Or, vice versa.


      Being Truly Helpful IS NOT People Pleasing

      Being Truly Helpful is PEOPLE PLEASING PREVENTION. Yes, that’s right you can stop your people-pleasing maneuvers because you’re not doing anyone any favors. You know your people pleasing is burdensome to you, and the person who is not pleased after all is also feeling burdened. It’s a game played in all kinds of relationships. So, what’s the solution?

      Ask your inner Wisdom in any potential People Pleasing situation:
      “Is there another way to see this?”
      “What would be truly helpful now in place of people pleasing?
      LISTEN and FOLLOW this Inner Knowing. Trust sanity over
      the insanity of people pleasing.
      Enjoy the deepening of an honest, real relationship
      based in Wisdom and LOVE.

      A Personal People Pleasing Story

      Who’s Steering?

      Years ago one Sunday morning John and I were running late to a meeting. I was driving and decided to “please” John and take the route he prefers EVEN THOUGH I CLEARLY HEARD IN MY MIND NOT TO GO THAT WAY!!!

      Sure enough, “Road Closed”. John laughs saying, “Of all mornings to go this way.” Wanting to knock him over the head with the steering wheel if it were only detachable, I yell, “Why didn’t you say something if you knew the road was closed?” “I didn’t know the road was closed,” he continued to laugh which steamed my sight up even more. This was insane, I thought, “Why didn’t I just go the way I heard to go? Now, I am so upset with him.”

      The Voice of Inspiration Speaks

      Mary, what you are really upset about is that you didn’t listen to and follow your Inspired Mind . . . and you ended up at a DEAD END, LITERALLY.

      Worse than the closed entry ramp, what you are really upset about is how you are allowing this little error to set up a divider wall between you and John.

      Had you not been people-pleasing, none of this would have occurred.

      Next time, pause?





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      365 Pause Practices Day 348


      I owe him an apology!

      Shared by Lisa

      I was certain we had mice move into our house for the
      winter and I asked my husband to take of it.
      He keeps insisting that there are no mice
      in our house but I can hear them at night.

      As I was waiting for sleep to come last night, I heard
      “them” again. I felt myself starting to get angry and
      wanting to wake my husband to prove that I was right.
      Instead, I Paused. In my Pause, I heard
      to “really” listen to the noises to discern what they truly were.
      So, I calmed my breathing and just listened.

      As I cleared my perceptions of what I thought I was hearing,
      the noises became clearer. I could hear that the source
      of the noises was not inside the walls but inside the room.

      As I continued to Pause, I listened more intently
      and was able to pinpoint the source of the noises.

      Funny thing ~ turns out it was not mice after all but a small picture
      being disturbed by the wind of the fan I run at night
      as I sleep. HA! I am so happy that I took the
      time to Pause and did not wake my husband.
      I owe him an apology!

      Pause Golden Book pages 70 and 71

      What a relief. What a relief to pause.

      Pause instead of judge.
      Pause instead of talk.
      Pause instead of analyze.

      The greatest obstacle to pausing is judging.
      Judging is to place my cubicle beliefs, perceptions,
      and experiences upon another and compare them to
      what I perceive are that person’s cubicle beliefs,
      perceptions, and experiences. Judging is full participation
      in a cubicle affair. We all have a love affair with judgment
      because we are having a love affair with our
      cubicle self. The cubicle self walks a tightrope of
      judgments, falling with each one and paying a great cost:
      the ongoing experience of dispiritedness.

      Click the card

      image to

      enlarge the 

      front & back 

      of the card.

      You can also


      Print, and 

      Order it.





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      365 Pause Practices Day 347


      Pausing During Conversations with Others

      By Natalie

      When I’m in the midst of a conversation with someone is a
      Helpful time to Pause. I realized this the other day when
      I was talking with a very good friend. We have such wonderful conversations, but I noticed that I was not Pausing.
      As I was “listening”, I realized that I was planning
      my response to her and I also noticed that I became
      distracted after she told me a personal story.

      These moments are my favorite times to PAUSE
      because they can provide help in the moment.
      When I Paused and asked Inspiration Within to help,
      it brought a calmness into my mind that helped me relax
      and reset my focus so that I could be present in the moment.

      When I’m Pausing and being Present
      in the midst of conversation,
      I can become a better listener.

      Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 40:

      Pause is a specific Practice to be used While on The Move; such as,
      during a conversationlistening requires pausing within
      your own mind, thinking, feeling, and acting — do not miss out on
      what is being saidtruly respond versus a habitual reaction.

      Click the card below to enlarge & see
      the front & back of the card. You can also
      DownloadSharePrint, and Order it.

      It’s okay to

      take a moment

      to Pause.

      Everyone is Worthy of a Pause.





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      365 Pause Practices Day 346


      Is Pause Useful In Business?

      we are all one another’s customers

      Mary Shares


      Pause Golden Book, page 62

      Business cannot be held apart from Inspiration Within. Well, it can, but look at
      the result. Cubicle “partnerships”, “takeovers”, “liquidations”, “bail-outs” etc.
      Sounds like a bad night at sea. Tummy upset?

      Do business differently? How?
      With your Inspired Self.

      Customers want to be Inspired. Any good business person knows the power of
      Inspiration. Unknowing business people try to use seduction, persuasion, and
      even temptation instead of Inspiration. “Buy this car from me and I’ll take you for a ride.”

      The result is a customer feeling used and not returning to close the deal
      or make another purchase.
      The business person winds up feeling used too.
      A user will eventually feel used because he has misused his mind.

      Pause for Inspiration” has been a life-changing
      experience for me. I was introduced to “Pause”
      a year or two ago and I practice this method in
      my everyday activities, and in managing
      my people at work.”

      Richard A. Matt

      Senior Supervisor of Operations
      Commercial Property Services

      “It takes so little to Stop and Pause a moment and experience a clear mind when making management decisions, but the results are outstandingly beneficial. I truly believe if our elected officials would consider practicing this method we could change the world.”

      Words from The Business Wise

      “I see what Pause does. It keeps you
      from doing something stupid.”
      Jay Woodside, Entrepreneur
      Scottsman Coin and Jewelry

      It is very refreshing on the 40
      minute drive into work to listen to
      the Pause audio before 10-12 hours
      of the stress and anxiety of work.”
      Michael M.
      Automotive Industry





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