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Sharing Teens Can Pause

PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF at home, at school and in life is a practice in how to pause! The TEENS CAN PAUSE Practice is for any teenager who wants to connect with their Helpful Self in their thoughts, relationships, communications, activities, situations and circumstances.

Your Helpful Self is the LOVE in you! The Pause Crew had the wonderful opportunity to share the TEENS CAN PAUSE PRACTICE with special needs youth. We never cease to be touched in a very deep way by these youth who are living with various special needs and learning to overcome the obstacles. We are unceasingly amazed by the insights many of these students will share with us during conversations about Pause. Like most of us, they are wanting to connect with something deeper within themselves to give them a clearer sense of direction and come to know who they uniquely are beyond a diagnosis or a label. Like all of us they want to be seen truly. Like all of us they want to do their part.

PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF at home, at school and in life is our TEENS CAN PAUSE PRACTICE. We created it in 2016 modeled after our original 2012 Pause Practice: Pause for Inspiration, The 4 Decisions. TEENS CAN PAUSE is 4-step practice in making wise choices. As a teen is willing to apply the practice to an everyday life event, say making new friends, listening in the classroom or community service, they can potentially open to an inner experience of their Helpful Self that is always safe, wise and truly helpful.

A Guided Practice on the back of the card takes each step in a bit more detail to potentially help you see and experience how valuable this practice can be . . . all in the midst of everyday life!

You can order FREE PAUSE PRACTICE CARDS at:  PauseForInspiration.org Pay only $3 for packaging and shipping for 20 cards. If you are affiliated with an institution such as a school, healthcare facility, nonprofit, government, or community organization, PLEASE CONTACT US to discuss larger quantities of free cards: info@pauseforinspiration.org

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Pause…Hiding Behind the Moment?

Pause for the moment. I can’t say it enough. My favorite month is October so here I am pausing for October before it disappears the way September did! Did September actually happen or did some wayward elf sneak off with it with nothing better to do until December? Hmm.


In the Pause here and now – today, I am seeing more than ever the value of every moment, hence the value of The Pause Practice. I cannot value a moment that I am oblivious of, rushing through, throwing back to the universe because I don’t like this moment or wishing was over and done.


Life is a series of moments. How is your moment going? Upon first thought – without stepping back to get out of my own habitual way of thinking – I may think the idea of pausing for the day’s moments to be good idea, but the thought of actually practicing such a thing during a typical day seems absurd because it seems impossible! Who can do this? I am willing to ask My Helpful Self, (the LOVE in me) “Isn’t it asking too much to pause and be present to the moments of the day? After all, I have a lot of demands on my time.” My Helpful Self responds, “It is as impossible as you want it to be!” Hmm. Wise guy.


So, My Helpful Self is leaving it up to me as to how I want to see. If I want to see something that holds the potential to be enormously helpful as being absurd or of no use, I am free to do that. In fact, My Helpful Self is saying that to the extent I see pausing through life’s moments as too difficult to practice, then I will forego the many benefits of Practicing Pause. “Oh,” says My Helpful Self, “One of the main benefits is being happy.”


Have you ever noticed yourself acting upset or down on the outside, but as you pause and observe your mind, just behind the thin veil of feeling down, you are aware of a part of you that is happy, peaceful and fine? The more I Practice the Pause, the more I am becoming aware of this part of me that is relaxed, calm and happy. That my friends, is My Helpful Self and you have one too! It is the LOVE in you.


It’s wild! I recommend Practicing the Pause and staying open to this WHOLE other part of you that is enjoying the moment. The Helpful Self is always in joy, peace, calm, and dropping the criticism of self and others. I challenge you this coming week to Pause, Step Back from habitual ways of thinking and behaving that are dragging you down, Step Aside to welcome Your Helpful Self into your mind and Let Your Helpful Self Guide you into happy thoughts and calm behavior. There at your fingertips, just a glance away is Your Helpful Self – that truly is a Wise Guy!


Recently, I wasn’t feeling well and had on my sick face – you know the one; that’s okay, sometimes we’re not up to anything better! As I was saying my hellos and I’m fines to people, I noticed this Happy Girl on the inside wanting to leap out, smile and enjoy the moment even though I had a lot on my mind. I saw I had a choice. That pause was a moment of freedom because I saw I don’t have to hide who I truly am.

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It’s Alright to Pause

We live in a green light world. One of the main messages is to GO. We are told by others or we tell ourselves to keep going, go faster, you go, way to go, go here, go there, go now . . . go, go, go, go, go. I am suggesting today to PAUSE FROM GOING. The world isn’t going to fall apart if I pause, if you pause. It’s all right to Pause. Not only is it all right to Pause, it is highly necessary to Pause. To not Pause is to get in one’s own way, to rule your own show, follow a crowd that is not your crowd and make decisions under stress. Decisions made in the state of stress cause more stress!

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Pause For A Fierce Adventure

Did you ever start something and realize that had you known where it was going to lead you may have never started? It’s a good thing we human beings don’t know much. Truly, there is so much we don’t know! Had I known the expansion, challenges, deep dives and mountainous terrain I’d be trekking in sharing The Pause for Inspiration Practice with the world and running our nonprofit, I am fairly sure I would not have spread my wings and took flight!

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LOVE’S Big Trampoline!

Sometimes we can completely misinterpret what we are perceiving and feeling. I use the simple practice of Pause for Inspiration, “The 4 Decisions”, to turn my upside- down perceptions into right side-up perceptions. Have you ever felt in the dark about life? Why am I feeling this? Why is this happening? What’s going on? I imagine we have all experienced that place where life isn’t making sense. You may be “doing everything right and doing all the right things” – or not – and are left wanting to simply find some light in the dark. This is where The Pause Practice may come in handy. Watch this!

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Ready for Recovery? The Pause Tool

Connecting PAUSE with teachers for Pause Teacher Training for the schools and with providers devoting their lives to helping people heal from addiction and move on to live meaningful, doing their part lives! Grateful to Pastor Amber Cole of Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers for inviting us to share Pause for Inspiration at their Eastern Regional Conference. They are a faith-based organization focusing on community, love, acceptance, purpose, health and recovery. Many expressed the need to connect the treatment world, transitional living facilities and the recovery community stating that there is more than one path to recovery. Shared PAUSE with Karla May, a Missouri State Representative, and a candidate for Missouri State Senate, who said she loves our kind of material and will absolutely read our book, Pause for Inspiration in the midst of everyday life. Matthew Melton, commissioner of the St. Louis Circuit Drug Court was happy to receive our Pause materials, saying he is always looking for new ways to help those facing addiction and ready for recovery. Free downloads, Pause Practice cards, visit: PauseForInspiration.org

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Pause During Conversations – A Deeper Connection

Have you ever asked for INSPIRATION and it immediately showed up? Wow, I was just driving to the PAUSE studio where we create in the pause, (I say this now instead of “work”), and while driving I was pondering the fear of pausing. What is it about the thought of pausing that can make us anxious? At that moment, my phone rings and it was a friend offering to volunteer for PAUSE. In our conversation he began telling me a story about something else that he has told a number of times. In the midst of his talking, he paused, and emphatically said, “You know, I’ve told this story over and over and it’s just an excuse . . . an excuse not to do what I know I need to do!”

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Today I’m A Kid

Some days I need the basics – the basic pause. Today I am busy harassing myself about all kinds of things; what I am ordering myself to get done, what to eat, when am I going to find time to move this body, what to write for this article etc. A stagnant fog is taking up residence in my mind and no amount of caffeine seems to be changing the atmosphere. I pause. I give up harassing myself long enough to reach into my purse for a KIDS CAN PAUSE practice card. “Ah, this will do the trick,” I sigh with the thought of relief coming in the not so distant future.

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