365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 15

I Am Better For The Trekking!

through desolation and consolation….pause in the midst of trekking

Inspiration IS Gentle

Recently in my lack of motivation to exercise someone said to me, “You’ll get your second wind.” I replied, “I think my second wind has come and gone!” Thankfully, the Pause Practice keeps me trekking with yet another wind.

Yesterday while waiting to pick up some dinner, I realized the fitness center where I “work it all out” on occasion, was right there too. “NOOOOOOO”, I felt. Then I paused. I stepped back from my resistance. Paused again for Inspiration. Hmm, I am willing to use two machines for my torn rotator cuff therapy. I strolled on over and did it! Inner Wisdom did not push, shove, and drag me over to the gym, throw me onto a machine, and yell at me to exercise. It was all quite gentle and accomplished with ease. How?

Here’s the “Access Code to Pause for Inner Wisdom”:


I was willing to release my feelings about exercising and preconceived notions of what constituted “enough exercise” such as: must go for at least 30′, must increase my heart rate, must use willpower, guilt….NOPE, WILLINGNESS! My guidance can also be to not exercise.


This is me after working out!!!



Without this statement in each of the 4 flows of the Pause Practice, there would be no pausing!

I am willing to experience my calm, quiet mind.

I am willing to allow room for Another Way.

I am willing to receive Inspiration.

I am willing to be Inspired.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 14

Receiving Gratitude

I am grateful for you

What Is Your Gratitude?

As I rested in the pause this morning, I expressed gratitude for the privilege of being still, the magnificence of the barren, still tree out my window striking newness each morning, and the awareness of the Presence of Gratitude.

Today’s Pause to
Receive Gratitude Practice

Pause, there is a Gratitude

present among us and with us.

Today, I am willing to set my self

aside – not because I am

unworthy of Gratitude, but

because it is in setting my self

aside that I am able to receive

Gratitude’s giving supplying all

of my thoughts, words, and

actions today.

I receive all Gratitude being given

me today, so that tomorrow I

truly have something to give.

received from

the presence of inner wisdom

available to us all . . .

and then some


Mary’s Pause – Day 14

Years back I dropped into our local Carmelite Monastery where all are welcome to pause and be still. I was feeling a bit depleted and in need of nourishment. I sat on the pew and whispered under my breath, “I am so grateful to be here.” Lifting my eyes to the altar, I “heard” back – that is, I felt Silence speak, “…and I Am grateful for you.” I about fell out of the pew. Not because I haven’t heard Silence speak before, but that This LOVE is grateful for me! I’m just a pion – why would All Encompassing LOVE be grateful for me? Apparently LOVE does not see us as pions!

Nourishment received as I chose to receive this Gratitude given. Tank filled. Smiling.

Share your experience of Pause!



I am enjoying people’s sharing

and welcome you to share.




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365 Pause Practices – Day 13


(or ladder)


I heard someone say recently, “If I hear one more time
someone saying that we’re all in this together, I’m gonna
scream!” Wow, I thought, she must really feel alone. The fear of
not being connected? We all can fall into this pit of feeling on our
own, resisting help, thinking that this idea of all of us being connected is
a load of crap….I get it. It seems to be a common state of mind.

Sounds like a good reason to Practice the Pause. Here we go!

Let’s Practice a Pause Together

Today my body is feeling tired, so In my Pause Practice I give my body including my thoughts about my body, over to INspiration Within. Give whatever you are now feeling about anything over to INspiration Within. I am moved to integrate the Pause Practice with a “laying on of hands” upon my body. That’s my guidance, what’s yours? It may be to simply be still. Now I am becoming aware that I am wondering about who will carry on PAUSE when I am no longer able. What’s on your mind that you would like to receive Help with? I am aware of the ego mind telling me that PAUSE will die with me!!! LOLOLOL. Sounds like the dispiriting news of the mind believing, “I am alone.” Are you experiencing ego interference? Notice it, breathe, step back from ego without pushing it away. Now, return to whatever you want Help with, asking INspiration Within, “Is there another way to see this?” “What would be truly helpful now?” Wait, be patient, and listen to Wisdom responses all throughout the day today. Here is what I heard:

I don’t need to worry about the future if I

Pause, Step Back, Step Aside and

Place the future in hands of LOVE.

Yay! You did a pause!

Go on about your day Letting INspiration Guide

I turned on my computer and low and behold an email had just landed from a woman in the UK who saw my response on FB to another woman asking for help as she was experiencing deep unworthiness (yesterday’s post) and doubt about completing her Siddhi Yoga program. I suggested to the woman facing unworthiness that she simply LET LOVE, love her and check out the PAUSE WEBSITE for help. She shared a thank you.

NOW THE WOMAN IN THE UK who just sent me an email shared that she just completed her Siddhi Yoga training, saw my FB message to that woman, went to the Pause website, resonated with PAUSE, and WANTS TO KNOW HOW SHE CAN BEGIN SHARING PAUSE IN THE UK!!!!!

Yep, not worrying about the future.

We are all in this together.

I place the future in the Hands of Wisdom rather than in the fumbling hands of my cubicle mind!

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365 Pause Practices – Day 12


“a conversation with my inner wisdom ~ my mentor within”

I hope you pause to read this, not for me, for you! My whole life I wanted a mentor! Yet, none appeared. Nineteen years ago the words “The Mentor Within” came into my mind. Wow, I have an inner mentor – my True Self sourced by LOVE, whose WISDOM opens my eyes and helps with life stuff!

Today I pause to ask The Mentor Within, “Teach me about worthiness and healing unworthiness.” The following is the response I received. I am healed by it and trust you can be too. Thank you!

Mary: Mentor Within, teach me about worthiness and healing unworthiness. It’s such a root problem in the human condition.

MENTOR: If you take the ego – small mindedness – seriously, you will inevitably experience unworthiness – a lack in your value. Firstly, the ego is hypervigilant when it comes to framing itself as worthy or unworthy. It is obsessed with appearances, yet, ironically, also with how to heal what lays beneath these appearances. While pretending its appearances are real, it is drowning in a deep sense of loneliness that nothing or no one seems to be able to heal. This duality is extremely painful.

Attempts to heal ego unworthiness – the belief that I am not enough, who I am is wrong – which one may or may not be aware of – are fraught with disappointment and endless searching, as it is the small-minded ego that is trying to heal unworthiness. The ego mind that is broken and filled with retaliation, that suffers deep abandonment, is ill-equipped to heal unworthiness.

Mary: Whoa, what a mess. Now what?

MENTOR: Look at how much faith you put in this ego lack of substance and reason though it wears and tears on your bones. Why such self-abuse? LOOK AGAIN, yet not alone with the ego suffering loneliness; look again with your Source in LOVE giving you PEACE.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Sound familiar?

Faith in loneliness, the cause of all suffering, is to be acknowledged, not denied, yet another way of seeing is given you with which to look upon the ills of the world, the self-made. Trust Another Way. We are taught that to Love One Another is this Way. But not with appearances (that is, not to pretend to love one another) or with the lonely mind that generates false love. NO!

Consider the lilies of the field. Their beauty roams free. Not the result of an ego’s hard work to appear beautiful and self-driven accomplishments – no – but because their True Nature is unshrouded by anything else. They are not trying to be something other than their True Nature.

The question of healing unworthiness only arises in the mind that is suffering from the brokenness of not accepting its True Nature within True LOVE. Even it recognizes this can’t be right!

Practice Pausing for Accepting Your True Nature
In and As LOVE

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365 Pause Practices – Day 11

How Do We Enter?

What is Love?

If a child is having a nightmare, do you lock them inside their room to bear the nightmare alone or do you enter with the strong hand of LOVE to calm the fear?

When you enter with LOVE, a whole battalion enters with LOVE.

When you enter with fear,

you enter alone.

Which is stronger?

(pg. 5)


Tuesday Pause

How I Enter

Today I am deciding, and I am inviting you, to Pause and notice as we enter places, conversations, situations, thinking about people, engaging in an activity, are we entering with LOVE or fear? This is in fact how today’s email has come into being!

See “Uh Oh” >>>>>

Practice Pause For LOVE
for help with How You Enter

“Uh Oh”

Mary’s Pause Day 11

I was feeling a bit fearful because of what I shared in yesterday’s email. Hmm. Maybe I was too honest, what will people think of me now? LOLOL. Who am I to share Pause? Yes, the cubicle mind creeped in. Glad I recognized it!

The cool thing is that our moments of “…unknowing, unwillingness, self-centeredness & unawareness have no effect on LOVE’s Knowing, LOVE’s Willingness, LOVE’s Ever-Giving Nature and LOVE’s Awareness” (pg. 5).

“Such is how LOVE is LOVE. Such is how there is nowhere LOVE is not.” Including within me, in you, in all of us…even in those we judge.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 10

Seeing Our Reflection In Another

for better or for worse

When you look in the mirror, who is looking back at you? Doubts, trust, your
mother, father, unfulfilled plans, peace, light, something missing….??? I have to
admit that how I see another often reflects something going on inside of me and is
an opportunity to unveil my shadow, letting my True Self come into vision.
It’s worth a pause to see the new.


Healing the Hurt

When a close connection doesn’t respond to your communications and you are clueless as to why, how do you feel? Within a close circle of connections there is a woman whom I have always been loving and kind towards and with her family. I text her a sweet photo of herself and her grandchild, no response; I send a group email asking for response to an invitation – no response; I leave a voicemail – no response. This has been going on for years. You may be thinking, why bother? When we see one another, she is kind, yet a I feel the barrier, yet I am surprised when she flings a judgment in disguise my way. I feel hurt and sad.

So, I decide to practice what I teach! In pausing, I uncover my inner judgments towards her that I’m still carrying around. Ugh. I can’t force her to meet my expectations! I want her to see me as I truly am – it seems she sees me as someone who is not in alignment with her way of seeing the world, so I am dismissed. Admittedly, I see her as rigid and small-minded. Well, there you have it! LOLOL.

In the pause I hear, “Pray for _____.” I was given a very specific way to pray for her and I did. Experience has shown me that praying for another – turning towards indwelling spirit – heals my heart and mind. Light shines my judgments away. I notice my projections and I have mercy on our human condition – our frailty – and I can begin to love again.

PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION is not a theory or a metaphor; it is a practice. It is a practice in being aware of the presence of Inspiration Within in our breathing, sleeping, waking, working, up time, down time, in the world time. Pausing for Inspiration in the midst of the mundane brings LIFE into life so we may experience truly living. (Pause yellow book, pg. 4)

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365 Pause Practices – Day 9

Sometimes the Pause Chooses You

to Pause for Another . . .

“Choose the pause and be in the pause. Sometimes the pause chooses you. Let yourself be chosen – ah. In your pausing, you pause to another and you begin a domino effect of the pause all throughout. No need to have to reside in a special place – pause where you find yourself and find your True Self in the pause.

Pause indeed for as long as you like, wherever you like.

Relish the pause. Relinquish the fear.”

Complementary Pause book, pg. 12

Hummingbird pausing

in midflight

Mary’s Pause – Day 9

Today I am Called to Pause For……

At least once a day, I notice that the pause is calling upon me, if you will, to “Pause for Another.” I will be in the midst of a daily activity and my thoughts cease a moment and someone comes into my mind for whom I am guided to “acknowledge and pause for.” Usually, I am taken by surprise as to whom has arrived in my mind as it is rarely someone on the forefront of my mind.

Today I was moved to pause for “Clayton” the gentleman who picks up our recycling each Friday and “Ron” the gentleman who takes away the trash each Tuesday. I don’t know why I am being led to take a moment of silence for Clayton and Ron, nor do I need to know. So, I pause. In this pause I am aware that CARE, I will call it, is being extended through me ~ for wellbeing for each one of them and for their families.

These experiences are a lived sharing of our connection with one another that transcends even time and space. It even seems that as I pause for another, that pause is received, and passed on to another whether they are aware of it or not.


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365 Pause Practices – Day 8

Texting In The Pause

Practice The Pause for Communication

“Be humbly available to Inspiration. No hurry. Relax, listen, open to receiving Help and giving Help. Inspiration’s Peace is always present, always being given. As I am willing, mine is the choice to receive, mine is the choice to follow the Wisdom of Inspiration.”

Original Pause Practice Card Step 4

Feeling Our Connection

The fact that we are all truly connected within a LOVE beyond conceptualization is of great comfort. A friend responded to a text, “Sorry for the delay. It’s a busy week…” Her husband has been ill. Sue and I go years without seeing one another, yet always pick up without missing a heartbeat and laughing!

While in the Pause this morning, I noticed the words, “Not I” arise out of the Pause followed by feeling nothing but CONNECTION.

LOVE calls us not to only believe or think about our connectedness to one another, but to live it. I find that if I only believe a concept, but do not live this truth, I feel out of sorts and am not fulfilling my potential.

Many are frustrated seeking the answer to, “Why am I here?” I am here to love.


wherever you are, whatever you are doing,

whomever you are with

Mary Shares – Day 8

My Text Response to Sue

“You sound like you have your hands full. Thankfully your hands are full of LOVE too! I am well and thankful we’ve reconnected. Never worry about a timely response. We both know we’re always together. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. LOVE

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365 Pause Practices – Day 7

Inspired Self? Cubicle Self?

To help me not confuse Inspiration – whose Source is LOVE – with that whose source is “not-LOVE”,
Inspiration gave me a heads up about the “cubicle self”.


Yeah, I pretty much aim for the status quo – woe, woe, woe. My programs and services are focused on keeping all the cubicles in their place. DO NOT STEP OUT OF THE CUBICLE! Change and advancement are acceptable as long as it remains in the cubicle. Permission slips signed by your cubicle self are required for any such changes and advancements. I will undoubtedly, eventually bring you DISPIRITEDNESS, but THAT’S LIFE, Right? So, CAN I SIGN YOU UP?

(Pause yellow book pg. 100)

A Stark Contrast

The Inspired Self is the part of our mind that is illuminated.

The cubicle self is the part of our mind that is in the dark.

The Inspired Self is aware.

The cubicle self is unaware.

The Inspired Self navigates and we reach our goal.

The cubicle self is lost in a maze of its own shifting goals.

The Inspired Self sees its part in the whole.

The cubicle self sees only the cubicle and all of its parts.

The Inspired Self aims for peace.

The cubicle self aims for conflict.

The Inspired Self is not a new and improved

cubicle self!

The Inspired Self is in no need of improvement.

The cubicle self attempts improvement and expanding its horizons, but no matter where it goes, what it does, or what it says it never leaves the cubicle; it can’t see beyond the cubicle so where would it go?


in receiving direction from your Inspired Self prior to and in the midst of setting your schedule,

doing your routine, goal setting


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365 Pause Practices – Day 6

A Mind Not at Peace is a Mind

Practicing Conflict

If someone is having a bad day or a bad personality, do you want to have a bad day too? Peace is a choice. Peace is the patience we all seek in relationships. Practice peace to have peace.

(Complimentary Pause ebook page 276)

Practice Peace

Pause your mind. Be still on the inside. Notice you are not at peace. What do you want peace with?

Express “I am willing.” Feel your lack of peace whatever it is – anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, worry, confusion, insecurity, doubt, grief …

Allow Wisdom Within to enter…

Rest in a one-pointed focus on Peace

Ask Wisdom:

“What is disturbing my peace?

“Who am I judging?”

“Is there another way to see this?”

Listen and Follow Peace as it shows you the way. Let go of the outcome you think you need.

Give Thanks as you have accepted your invitation to Peace.

Pause page 301

Mary’s Pause – Day 6

Lean Not Into My Own Understanding

In a morning Pause for Inspiration practice years ago, this Totality of Peace showed up. After decades of seeking understanding of Something More than day in and day out, EVERYTHING I could ever want was revealed – THE PEACE not of my understanding! I realized that This Peace was the “understanding” I had been seeking. Trust Peace.

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