365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 155


Live an Inspired Life

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

When I first started my Pause practice,
I realized that my internal dialogue was not the best.
Sitting in quiet moments with my Inspired Self
brought into my awareness some areas that needed healing. 
I was impatient with myself,
I judged myself for saying things I perceived as stupid,
I was sensitive and took things personally,
and I let FEAR stop me from experiencing an Inspired Life.

Inner Wisdom also revealed that if I’m impatient with myself,
I’m also impatient with others;
if I judge myself for things I say,
I’m also judging others;
if I’m sensitive and take things personally,
I’m living in fear and insecurity.
Whatever goes on inside of us gets extended onto others.
When we Pause in these moments,
we invite Inspiration Within to come into focus.
Inspiration Within is our Inner helper – it does not judge us based on the past or our fears. It extends peace to all who seek it. 

When we seek Within for INSPIRATION – we will Receive it.
And when we Receive Inspiration Within – it is Shared with everyone we meet.
Living an Inspired Life begins with a Pause.

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365 Pause Practices – Day 154


Prevent Temper Tantrums!

listen to inner wisdom for how to care for you

When I was little, my mother got furious with me because I hated
going shopping (still do), and I would hide inside those round clothes
racks! LOLOLOL. They were dark and quiet inside and I could finally
be alone!

Remember having temper tantrums as a kid? Or, maybe you still occasionally

burst your bubble as an adult! Yep. That’s a sign of having gotten wrapped up in

one’s cubicle mind – the mind stuck in “it’s all about me, right?” rather than listening to the Mind of Love, Wisdom, and Compassion for yourself and others.

Of course, the cubicle mindset is not always so obvious, rather it can be quite a sneaky little character; hiding under the bed, in the closet, blaming someone else, making excuses – the way kids can do. 

TEMPER TANTRUMS can be a sign of overload and choosing not to take care of

TEMPER TANTRUMS can be a sign of overload and choosing not to take care of

yourself. If we don’t take time to slow down, breathe, let go, pause, and let our

inner Wisdom show us ways of caring for ourselves, a tantrum may be on the

horizon. Whether an inner tantrum in which we stuff emotions and stuff ourselves

with self-sabotaging habits or, an outer tantrum in which we make someone else

the target of our choice to not take care of ourselves.

because I am less likely to project my fatigue and
stress onto someone else. And, if I am not being
loving with myself, no way can I be truly loving with others.







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365 Pause Practices – Day 153


Total Freedom in Peace

Yesterday I did something I rarely do. I took a day off! Well, kind of.

We went to lunch! That’s about as close as I get. I practiced The Pause in my morning quiet, did household chores, and off we went!

After grocery shopping, when we got home last evening, two new Pause posts unexpectedly, without effort, flowed out!
So, I wrote this to all of you last evening.
~  ~  ~
I am feeling, even though I am on the computer later than I like, as I rest in Peace with you creating this post. like I have had an entire day off ~
because I have had a day of total freedom.

My mind is free. Throughout this day I am 
experiencing Absolute peace.

Mental chatter has ceased! Body stuff isn’t snapping at me. Even when three people ran a stop sign as it was my turn to pull out of the grocery parking lot and the third guy running the stop sign gave me the finger, I was like, “What?”

It was all so nonsensical that it didn’t matter. I noticed a little voice inside wanting it to matter; luring me into feeling unfairly treated, but the pull of Peace
was way stronger. And I felt mercy for this finger guy. 

What state of mind is he in to do such a thing?

The old me wanted to catch up with him and sneer. LOLOLOL
Yet, I have Peace. I am not going to question it, try to explain it,
take credit for it – look what I achieved – none of that.
I am giving thanks for this Peace. 

I have simply enjoyed this day and am now enjoying this evening as I rest here
quietly with you in an evening pause. It was fun today to laugh at other things people do that would normally irk me. Laughing is so much more fun and sometimes, even the person I feel irked by starts laughing too!

Thanks for remembering Peace with me right now. 

Imagine a world in which people remember being a part of Peace.

In Peace all things are possible.


may you find peace in your pausing





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365 Pause Practices – Day 152


   I Want What You Have

Shared by Natalie, a Pause Crew Member

If my One True Goal is Peace & Connection with others, why do I give my relationships over to ego? That’s what it seems like I’m doing sometimes. You know, those little internal competitions we have with others, that these others aren’t even aware of? We may be driven to “keep up with the Joneses” or even the Kardashians, talk a certain way, walk a certain way, wear certain clothes, drive a certain car, belong to a certain club or hang in a certain circle. The only thing I’m certain of is that none of this brings true peace.

Instead of following outside influences, what if we Paused and Stepped Back to ask our Inner Wisdom what to think, what to say, and what to do in these circumstances?

Let Inspiration Guide You to the Meaningful

If we can experience just a moment of Inspiration we have everything we need. Even in our most basic or essential needs to live in this world, if we listen, our Inner Wisdom can provide direction to move us toward how to access these basic needs.

We Have Choices & the Power to Choose our Inner Helper    

When we do, we can remember who we are in Love. We can remember we are worthy, right here, right now. We can remember that we need not judge ourselves or others as different or lacking. We can let this internal competition fall away to be replaced by Love and Connection with others.

When we experience this Love and Connection with others, we feel uplifted and naturally lift others up. This connectedness brings a sense of surety and genuine confidence in ourselves and others. When we feel this Love, we put this Love energy out into the Universe, which comes back to us and continues the Love cycle.

When we choose Peace above all else, we can rest assured we have ALL that we need 

Click on the card above to see the front & back of the card.
You may also want to print it or order it. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 151


Heart Space

have you ever been seen truly?

We can be in a hurry in this world. Too hurried to pause and see one another. Too hurried to pause and receive another’s gifts. Be it a smile, a helpful gesture, a kind word, compassion, or how about when someone looks at you and sees you truly? Have you ever experienced this?

Sometimes, all any of us really want is to be seen.

I remember those “transforming moments” which I have been seen through and through all the way to my absolute core of love. They’re unforgettable because they are REAL. I call them “transforming” because in that instant I am re-Minded, re-Hearted with the All-Encompassing LOVE not of this world, yet in the world; in the world through you and me. We know LOVE IS REAL, through one another.

Seen past our weaknesses, frailties, errors in judgment,

body, age, and past.

Seen instead for the unique spark we are, the gift we are

and the gifts we have to give.

Seen for who we are without the baggage of judgment.

We dismiss the heart and soul of one another. Why? Because we are dismissing who we truly are beneath appearances, mistakes, and self-absorbed expectations.

I dismiss another because I dismiss my Self, my true Self.
I see another because I see my true Self.

Today, and I hope every day, we can each choose to place our hand over our heart space and receive LOVE, receive who we are truly in LOVE, as LOVE.

~  ~  ~
Take a pause to listen to your true Self today.
Take a pause to nurture your heart today. 
Take a pause to receive the heart of another who is gifting you.
Take a pause to see someone today.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 150


Remembering those who have died in service of
our country and our freedom.

People are Falling into Their Cubicle Minds.
How can I catch another before,
during, or after a fall into one’s cubicle mind? 

Here is Both a Catching and Fall
Prevention Plan

Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let Inspiration Guide works if we put it into practice.
This will inevitably require being willing to exchange your old, unhelpful habitual ways of thinking, reacting, and communicating.
This is a job only to be filled by your Inspired Heart∞Mind.

Don’t wait for the next canned good drive or charity event or when you are closer to “enlightenment” ~ help the falling now. Those around you, in your very midst, are falling into their cubicle minds and need to be caught before the next, perhaps even greater fall. For when I catch another, I too am caught. Just remember that your cubicle self is not the one doing the catching. Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let Inspiration Guide ~ Let Love lead you as you reach out to catch another ~ Love is a Sure Catch.






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365 Pause Practices – Day 149


Weekend Activities? Pause!

Sports & Fitness

Joe uses The Pause because he knows it improves his tennis. How can Pause help you with fitness and fun?

Kids & Grandkids?

Kids and parents and grandparents can learn how to Practice The Pause by reading this book!

Happy the dog has moves!

Screen Time

Are hours going by scrolling away and surfing all the day?





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365 Pause Practices – Day 148


how about an evening pause?

I am willing to rest wherever I am, whatever I am doing,
and whoever I am with.

I am willing to retreat from unhelpful perceptions that bring
discord within myself and with others.

I begin by noticing my breath just as it is. 
I don’t need to make it different.
The natural rising and falling of my chest as I breathe.
I follow my breath, the breath finds its way
leading me into a more peaceful space.

I am grateful to pause to receive peace. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 147


Letting The Sky Open

trampling on the heart ~ pause ~ open your inner sky

In numerous moments in my life, my heart has been opened and my receptivity to the gift leaps in response to an inspired idea to begin a creative endeavor with a healing purpose; that has the potential to catapult myself and others out of fear and into the meaningful. Inspiration flows, and the whole sky opens in these moments of pause; yet my heart, my inner sky, closes shortly thereafter.

Why? Fear.

Fear thoughts begin firing at a rapid pace. I lose hope. I dismiss inspiration.

I forget to pause, again.

I know you know.

Today my inner sky opened once again. I am being given another opportunity to choose to follow this inner impulse to create, to heal. Today I am not going to say “Not now, I’m too busy, no one will be interested, not enough people will show up, or why bother?” to this unceasing flow. I’m just not going to say “No.” Nor will I let thoughts of logistics – time, space, scheduling – suffocate my inner sky before it even breathes a full breath. Or let other people’s fear-based judgments, feedback, advice, and good intentions trample on my inner sky.

Playing Catch with Fear or Inspiration? 

Today, I choose with whom I am going to play catch! I will need to pause for help with choosing correctly.

Fear pitches death ~ Inspiration pitches you’re alive

Inspiration tosses out an inner calling that falls on the deaf ears of fear, yet in my little willingness to pause and listen with ears that hear, I catch my call.

Fear fumbles, “You’ll lose everything and regret it for the rest of your life.” (LOLOLOL at fear’s catastrophizing!)

Inspiration throws a TOUCHDOWN, “You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Outcome?


I can choose fear and trample on my heart;


I can choose to walk along inspired roads and let my inner sky open. 





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365 Pause Practices – Day 146


An Opportunity to tell your friends about Pause. They Can CHOOSE to Receive a Daily Pause Too! 


thank you

a life of self-absorption


an extraordinary ordinary life

   ~   ~   ~  

If you are still reading this, congratulations, as it means you are willing to be more than this self-focused me-character we all default to! Yay!!! We can only do this together with the help of Extraordinary Wisdom and Love, which any one of us can access in a pause; and with the help of one another ~ through encouraging each other and LIVING LOVE ~ no special circumstances required!

Delivering JOY to One Another is Simple ~ Find Your Way

“Our driver can’t access your house to leave your package,” I hear on a voicemail. Hmm, that’s not usually an issue. After a customer representative chat, the driver pulls up our driveway, flings open her car door, and flies out huffing and puffing, “This ridiculous! I’ve been driving around for 30 minutes and I’ve got 40 packages to deliver.” I stand on the front porch quietly. She hurriedly opens her car trunk full of packages and begins shuffling through them searching for our medium box. I can clearly see that this woman is working hard and having one of those moments or days that we all experience, right? In my quiet, I am guided to go grab a Pause book and Practice cards to share. She hands me the box and dashes to her car as I say, “Oh, here, this is for you, reaching out to her with Pause materials.” A big smile comes over her face as she reads the book cover and looks up at me. “You wrote this?” she asks. “I did and now I run this organization.” “Thank you!” she shouts out joyously and goes on her way hopefully to have a better day and extend the JOY we gave to one another. Our hearts and minds were both lifted in that one ordinary moment, and I was energized to write this post which I was not before our encounter. Way to go……….

We can attempt to compartmentalize LOVE into our special times, special groupings, special relationships, special places, and special desires OR we can let This LOVE be expressed through us day in and day out in the midst of the mundane. It is in the ordinariness of life that Extraordinary LOVE is available to us in ways seen and unseen.
page 8 pause yellow book


Asking You

We rely on word-of-mouth referrals for sharing the Pause message. If you enjoy your experience with us, please tell your friends by sharing this email on your social networks or forwarding it to their email address and they can choose to receive a Pause. We appreciate your support!






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