365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 75


My Inspired Self Goes to the
Tax Office!

Your Inspired Self IS

  • Not confused, hence it is not here to confuse.
  • Not fearful, so it does not cause fear.
  • Not a shrinking violet, hence it does not hide its light under a bushel.

CONFUSION, FEAR & MAKING YOURSELF SMALL cause indirect and muddled communication.

Your Inspired Self directs the thinking traffic jams and clears the air.


Pause at the Tax Office

I swing into the local tax office to sign a document to file my taxes. I ask
the receptionist for a copy of what I signed. She looks at me as if I asked when the next spaceship to Venus leaves.

She goes in search of a tax professional who comes out telling me I can’t have a copy because I already have a copy. “No,” I say, “I just signed this. I don’t have a copy, but I would like a copy for my records.” She looks like she’s already in-flight to Venus. I ask, “Do you not have a copy machine?”

They both go into a back office and out they come with another tax professional. Yes!!! He’s also in a quandary about making a copy. I say, “Ok, this isn’t complicated. I simply want a copy of what I just signed.” He looks at the document as if he’s being asked to copy the TOP SECRET spaceship’s path to Venus.

DIRECTLY and CLEARLY I repeat my request. I stand there still pausing, haven’t said anything rude and I refrain from bringing up that I’ve spent the last year waiting for them to correct the mess they made of my tax returns for 3 years! So, it could get ugly, but I step back.

More space cadet behavior was exhibited. I opened to what would be helpful I found myself joyfully laughing saying, “We can do this guys.” Finally, the third tax guy says, “Ok, I’ll make a copy.” LOLOL

What was all that about?

An opportunity for me to practice The Pause!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Choose one person with whom you want helpful communication
I am willing to Pause with this person today.
Whether in my thoughts, face-to-face, email, phone, or text,
I choose to Step Back from thoughts, feelings, and words that
hinder our communication.
I am willing to welcome Inner Wisdom for help being present with and listening to this person.
I can ask, “Is there another way to see this person?”
“What would be truly helpful now?”
I am willing to receive and follow Inner Wisdom so I can
communicate directly and with clarity and calm.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 74


The Illusion of Progress

What’s the Plan for You?

Sometimes what appears to be two steps forward according to
the world’s standards, is two steps back.

As Co-founder/creator and Facilitator for Pause For Inspiration, I work six days
a week and wear many hats! When I use The Pause Practice, I enjoy this
work; when I go on my own steam, I don’t! Stress wins out. Often, I receive
requests to write articles for various publications and PAUSE goes out and
about into the world teaching and sharing The Pause Practices. Love it.

In this morning’s pause, I begin expressing gratitude in little ways for seemingly
little things; water, food, the tree out my window, the window, my comfy chair,
and for Pause; all the opportunities to share this super simple, practical, and
helpful in-the-moment practice. What a gift.

I pause, again. In this moment’s pause, I step back from what I think
of as “progress” and listen to Inner Wisdom, available to us all, on the
subject. Wisdom lulls me into rest and asks me to
stop valuing pushing and producing.

It’s okay to say “No.”


Why Say “NO”?

I was asked to write an article, didn’t pause, and said, “Yes”! I decide to practice Pause for Wisdom for help with why did I say yes when I don’t have time?

In my Pause, I learned a well-needed lesson about why I don’t opt for the often wise, “NO”.

Inner Wisdom informs me that my ambition to excel can trip me up. As I appear to be moving forward, I may be lagging behind. What? How can that be?


The weight of the world is deceptive; it deals out so-called opportunities, hammers away at achieving and accomplishing, and the rewards of recognition, yet it can lure one’s
soul into a sense of
self-sufficiency and pride.
This undermines the true purpose of the gifts one has been given.

No accident that this awareness turned into an article AND I remembered an article I wrote last fall that hasn’t been published yet! So, I have two articles.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 73


Transformed While Making a Smoothie?

We hear the word “transformation” thrown around a lot. Transform your relationships, your marriage, your body, your kitchen! Hmm.

To be transformed is to be in the presence of LOVE. LOVE is new every moment we touch it. I cannot speak for your kitchen, but this is sure – your life will be transformed and transforming to others as you rest in the presence of LOVE, trusting LOVE instead of anxiety, worry, and fleeting emotions.

Any Given Moment Will Do to TRUST LOVE;

you do not have to wait for some future moment

or special event.

LOVE is the NOW you may have been hearing about.

Transformation happens wherever you are,
whatever you are doing, & whoever you are with;
or it isn’t transformation.


I am walking to my office to begin today’s work, priorities set. Someone asks a favor of me to preferably be done now.


I just came out of my quiet time feeling quite transformed, yet I am rushing down the stairs to the kitchen to just get the task over with so I can return to being “transformed”. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

I pause, slow down and hear the words in my mind, “It is impossible to not be loving in the awareness of the presence of LOVE.” My entire approach to the task shifts. I observe that I am aware of LOVE’s presence. The task is accomplished easily and efficiently, not hurried with more effort than is needed.

YOU Can Experience the Peace of
Transformation today,
right here, right now.


There is no downside
to pausing.
It can only lift.


Take 2′ with
Practicing The 4 Decisions





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365 Pause Practices – Day 72


We Don’t Need to Worry
We Need to Pause

My mom tended to dwell on the past. When I was a little girl,
I would say to her,
“Mom, if you would just be present now, then when
the future comes along, you won’t have
a past to be so upset about!”

How’s Your Moment Going?

Life is a series of moments. It can
be a train wreck of fragmentation and disconnection, an off-day or off-interaction that leaves you feeling out of sorts and/or a series of connected, meaningful moments. Connection replacing disconnection.
page 41 Yellow Book

click on card ~ see what’s on back





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365 Pause Practices – Day 71


The Road to Hell is Paved with
Good Intentions!

This may sound odd so bear with me! I am always wanting to become more loving towards myself and others; sure I am loving, but I want to live LOVE even more. Sounds like a noble pursuit, right? So, my good intentions and I decide to begin going to this special place to do some special thing at a special time ~ it’s all very special!

However, as I observe my daily life, my feelings,
thoughts, perceptions, and actions,
I seem to be becoming more unloving!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
Specifically, in judging others.



I allowed my little “me-character”, ego, to talk me into doing this special thing that I thought would “make me more loving” and bring me more “peace”, WHILE distracting me, from simply applying Pause for LOVE while doing housework, in a conversation, writing an email, cooking, on a Zoom meeting, my thoughts about another, etc.

I had to honestly look at myself
and see that I was not using
PAUSE to receive PEACE and be more
LOVING with the stuff and people of
daily life in the world. I was not allowing LOVE to use my mind to help me become more loving.
I let the ego convince me to try
something that seemed more
“legitimate”. “Oh just go there
and do that,” says the ego.

Nope! My unlovingness will dissolve in LOVE as I truly PRACTICE letting LOVE, love me while doing stuff and even in the smallest of interactions with people.






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365 Pause Practices – Day 70


What Is Gratitude For?

Not until I began practicing GRATITUDE did I see
how the JOY it brings recharges my energy for the day.

She Still Fills My Heart with GRATITUDE

This free heart young girl with autism and I met at a St. Louis Public Schools Parents Conference where I shared the PARENTS CAN PAUSE practice. She wrote the book I’m holding, In The Eyes of a Child.

HER GRATITUDE FOR LIFE WAS CONTAGIOUS! I spotted her doing her dance and joined in. Together we became as one moving in the pause across the gymnasium floor laughing and grooving.

Can’t remember the last time I
experienced this much JOY!

Here is one way or Do it your way

In this moment I am willing to pause.

Soft eyes, opened or closed

Hand resting above my heart center

Quietly in my mind, I repeat the thought, “I am grateful.”


I give thanks for my grateful heart.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 69



Here’s a takes no time way to
& someone else’s ~ 2 for 1

Whether another is in need of food, water, blessing, clothing, a hug, a job, a loving touch, a house, a car, or a friend ~ we are all in need of one very important thing in the midst of our giving to one another ~ to be
“re-Minded.” Pausing helps with becoming aware of your
INSPIRED HEARTMIND in which LOVE and WISDOM are present to extend HELP ~ this HELP may show up differently than how we think we need, but it is exactly what we need in the BIGGER PICTURE.

Living Health, page 52

Perhaps the HELP is simply a change in perception;
seeing with greater clarity, beyond my little window.


To act is “to do, to perform an action.” To act is also to see others truly. AWARENESS IS ACTION. To Be Truly Helpful is to act ~ to do and see ~ with awareness of LOVE, with WISDOM.
Sometimes the best help we can give anyone is to see the
Presence of LOVE
in them.
In doing so, we are reminding them of
who they are truly in the eyes of
Certain, Constant LOVE!





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365 Pause Practices – Day 68


The Greatest Instrument of LOVE

~ YOU ~

I received the following Inspiration in 2009 and
I am moved to share it with you now because
Willingness is our “Yes” to letting LOVE work in our everyday lives.
So, if you are willing to receive help and healing and be an
instrument of LOVE, pause on . . .

I Am Willing

I am willing to trust my True Self
I am willing to trust the LOVE who created my spirit
I am willing to let my errors no longer define me
for it is not LOVE’s will that this be so
I am willing to forgive myself for not remembering my True Self
I am willing to forgive you
I am willing to step aside and
Let LOVE, love me
Forgiveness illuminating my mind
I am willing
I am willing
I am willing
To know who I am
Relinquishing all images and my own understanding
I accept the vision of my True Self given by LOVE.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 67



Forgiveness 101

What is “Forgiveness”

“Forgiveness” means to be “for-giving”.
To be “for” is to be an instrument of
whom is for you – Inspiration Within is
for you, not against you. And it is in you
and through you that Inspiration Within
extends this “being for” to others. For
to “be-for” is to be willing to allow
Inspiration Within to give of Itself
– LOVE – to others, through you.

LOVE is what you are giving to others as it is

LOVE that Inspiration Within is

always giving to you.

Pause Yellow Book Page 67



Forgiveness Field Trip

The 4 Decisions can be used as a Forgiveness Practice! How cool is
that? Why is that cool? Because
forgiveness can be challenging
and The Pause Practice is simple!

Right now, at this moment, I am
deciding to practice forgiveness.
How about you practice along too?

Let whomever I need to forgive come
into my mind.

I am willing to pause to experience my calm, quiet mind.

I am willing to get out of my own way.
Step back from my thoughts and
feelings about this person and myself
in relationship to this person. BREATHE

I am willing to receive Inspiration. I
ask Inspiration in regards to this
person and myself, Is there another
way to see this? What would be truly helpful and healing now? Listen.

I am willing to trust this Peace and
LOVE still within me. Opening to
receiving the Help of Inspiration that is always present, always being given for
me that I may forgive another.

I am grateful for Peace today.

Read The Pause for Bite-Size
Help for Everyday Life





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365 Pause Practices – Day 66


Who’s The Schmuck?

(meaning: idiot, fool, jerk)

How come we withhold forgiving like it is a precious commodity? We
are afraid that if we for-give this schmuck/idiot, this includes
ourselves when we are schmucks, they are going to get away with
their nonsense! Unfair labor tactics! Furthermore, we will be the
schmucks letting him/her get away with this nonsense! The gossip is
that no one is allowed to be set free from their nonsense and this
“no-one” needs to be forever held accountable for their nonsense.
After all, others are still holding us accountable for our nonsense!
Herein lies the decision to not for-give. Pause Yellow Book, LIVING
HEALTH Page 68

I’m a schmuck, you’re a schmuck, everywhere a schmuck, schmuck.

Inner Wisdom asks,

“What is my unforgiving stance towards this schmuck for? What purpose does it serve?”

Choose someone you think of as an idiot, fool, or jerk.

A Pause Forgiveness Practice

Setting a Schmuck Free and Myself at the Same Time



I admit there’s someone I think is a schmuck. I call upon Inner Wisdom for help because I really can’t stand this person, but I am willing to be free of judging this person. (If I am not ready to be free, I pause).

I call upon Inner Wisdom who willingly stands by to guide me on how to forgive.

I let all my thoughts about this person come to the surface of my mind; no matter mean, rude or judgmental; I let the muck for the schmuck show itself in my mind where Inner Wisdom is with me.

Now that I’ve let it all out, I pause. I take a few breaths to release any remaining sludge.

I rest in this now open, clear space in my mind. My mind is clear because I have given forgiveness and received forgiveness ~ one and the same.

Now it’s just me and Inner Wisdom; the schmuck is gone. Inner Wisdom asks, “What did you learn?” My answer is that I see how ridiculous it is for me to damn this person; it serves no helpful purpose; It accomplishes nothing of value.

Continue any ongoing inner conversation with Inner Wisdom as needed.






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