365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 255


Pause Golden Book pages 105-106



if we value peace of mind while we are living in the world

with all the day-to-day challenges it brings.

When we serve our customers (this is one another),

customers serve us—we receive help in return!

It is like a mutual fund!

Looking for a good investment?


(one another)

Invest in customers! What do you got to lose?

Go ahead, trade a few shares.

Mary Shares ~ Pause Golden Book page 106


  • Supreme Customer Service as I Recognize that to Give is also to Receive; it’s a WIN-WIN for Everyone.
  • I Open to the Flow of My True Abundance in Inspirationan Abundance that doesn’t Wax and Wane Depending on the Circumstances.
  • Others Feel Inspired To Be Truly Helpful.
  • Being Focused on the Goal of Being Truly Helpful

     I have More Energy because I Am Receiving.

  • Giving is Replenishing. This Is Very Different than Only Being Focused on Getting Things Done which May Feel Like an Accomplishment at First, but Ends Up Being Depleting.
  • Productivity Increases because My Thoughts are Focused Rather than Wasting Time on Distractions.
  • I Am Saving Money, Time, and Energy.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication – FINALLY!

     I Am More Clear and If Someone Else Is Not Clear, I Know What Questions to Ask to Gain Clarity.

  • I Feel Good – Inspiration is the Best Wellness.
  • It Prevents Errors and Accidents – the Inspired Self is  Paying Attention. 
  • I Experience My Inspired Self in All Aspects of Life: Work, Play, Relationships, Health

And not last or least,


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365 Pause Practices Day 254


Before Opening My Mouth

Sharing by Mary

You are not lacking in Love and Love is not lacking in you. Your unawareness of the
abundance of Love within you, within another, is the lack you feel. Call upon this
Inner Present Love. Draw from This Abundance as you are speaking and speak This
Abundance over others.

Pause Golden Book, “The 4 Decisions” page 21

Words You Can Use Before Speaking 

How many times have I wished I would have Paused for my True Self before words 
spilled out of my mouth. Even sometimes when I said to myself, “Don’t even dare
let these words make sounds or I’ll be sorry.” And bingo, there they came like a car
and train colliding on the tracks. NOOOOO.

Even the force of my ego mind’s pressure on myself to zip my mouth could not
hold me back. Out they came!!! Of course!

Because my false self cannot hold back itself, it can only devise an
alternate way of being and remaining its false self. 

There is Another Way.

Today I recommend simply quietly giving voice to the following words from our 
Pause For LOVE Practice  before
speaking anything, emailing anything, texting anything, posting anything . . . 

With this breath, I receive This LOVE,
With this breath I let This LOVE ~ love me.

Pause will not share your experience without your permission. When you share your
experiences of using Pause, no matter how little they may seem to you, you have no
idea the JOY you bring to our hearts and the power your shared experiences give in
encouraging us to keep on keeping on! LOVE CREATES LOVE.






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365 Pause Practices Day 253


Transformative Power of Gentleness

Answer to My Questions Part II
“in a deeper pause, I hear to be gentle with myself”

Shared by Mary

Today I am drawn to share the practice of gentleness with you. Admittingly, it is no
t a practice with which I am very familiar! My default mode is to keep at it,
don’t stop, do a little more, keep pushing – no matter what the costs. Sad really
to see how easily I can buy into the ego’s spell of:

More = Effective
Faster = Efficient
Social Media = Connection
Accomplishments = A New, Improved identity
Busyness = In Control
Not Good Enough = Leads to Worthiness

All that being said, I invite you to practice gentleness with me today. So, I shall
pause and listen to my inner Voice of Wisdom here now and see what
shows up. Here we go! Oh, call upon the Voice of your inner Wisdom too.


This is an action I may fear embodying, yet
I am willing to take a moment to be gentle with myself.


This is an emotion that may arise in a pause perhaps feeling like anger,
conflict, sadness, yet I am willing to be with what I am feeling.


This is something I am willing to do as it is familiar and calming.
Aware of my breathing, I simply allow myself to be with any and all emotions for as long as I need. 


This I long for though may seek connection in people, things, and
situations where it may not be available. Continuing to be with my
breath, I begin to notice a lingering pause between
my in~breath and out~breath. A silent pause connecting two breaths.


This awareness, if I let it, can show me an inner gentleness as I pause and 
rest here to receive comfort, a softening, a letting go.  

I am finding this practice to be a helpful reminder of the Gentle LOVE in which I
am rooted, connected, and grounded. A LOVE that is always available. I hope
you find this practice truly helpful and that we remember to return to our inner
gentleness again, again, and again, letting it flow through us and out to others.






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365 Pause Practices Day 252


When I Follow Inspiration Within
I Never Thought Possible

by Natalie

You know those round emblems in the center of the wheel on your car? Well, a
few weeks ago, I lost one. I put off taking my car to the dealer because of the expense.

I kept getting a nudge to check online for a replacement cap
and to just do it myself. Whoa!
When it comes to cars, I’m not handy,
so I repeatedly ignore this “crazy idea”.

When I Listen and Follow Inspiration Within
telling me that I can do something
I never thought possible,
there comes a shift in my perception.

As it turns out, you can buy a replacement cap online for $20, so I ordered it. When
I received the package, there were actually FOUR BRAND NEW replacement caps inside, not just ONE.
Well, Okay!

I ventured into the garage with a cap and my rubber mallet and began gently tapping it
into the center of the wheel.
It slid right into place! It was so easy!

My husband heard my cries of glee and joined me in the garage.
When he saw the bright shiny new cap on my wheel,
he couldn’t believe it.

He helped me pop out the remaining old, worn, corroded caps,
so I could replace them on all four wheels.
Now I have SHINY new caps all around! 

Inspiration Within Showed me the Way
to a Creative Solution!

I can choose to Pause, Listen and Follow
Inspiration Within
for practical, creative solutions
Wherever I am
Whatever I am doing
Whomever I am with!

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365 Pause Practices Day 251


Pause Golden Book pages 302-304



INSPIRED SELF or cubicle self?

INSPIRING THOUGHTS or cubicle thoughts?


INSPIRED or cubicle-ized?

WORTHY or unworthy of PEACE?

WORTHY or unworthy of PEACE?

or ghost of cubicle past or ghost of cubicle future?

INSPIRING GENTLE STRENGTH or cubicle concert blaring? 

All the feels

by Lisa

The Pause Practice is a personal practice and we will each have our own
personal experiences when we choose to apply it. Here are my experiences 
on when I do not apply and when I do apply the Pause Practice:

When I am under the influence of my cubicle mind, I notice I am
tenser and become angry easily – everything and everyone seems to be
annoying or a bother. I can feel my brows draw together; my heartbeat
becomes loud in my ears; my head feels full and confusion sets in.
If it is not MY WAY – I have no interest in it…whatever “it” is.

When I choose to truly practice the Pause Practice – for absolutely
anything – all of those experiences change. My thoughts become clearer,
my actions are more direct, and my communications become more concise
and on-point. Physically I feel more at peace – there is less tension in my
body. My mind feels open, calm, and precise. My heartbeat remains steady.

I am open to Another Way.
I am happy to be aware that it is always MY CHOICE and
I can choose to practice and apply the Pause Practice
with anything ~ anytime, anywhere!

Inspiration, Peace, Wisdom, and Love are always available to us – within us for the choosing.

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365 Pause Practices Day 250


With a Pause,

I Have the Opportunity to

Let My Mind be a Clean Slate

By Natalie

I’ve walked with the ego on a long journey, 
and although the walk continues,
it is indeed changing, evolving.

Most of my life I was completely unaware of my ego/cubicle mind. Once I
became aware, I spent time being upset with myself (more ego!) for doing
or saying something that I realized was based in fear, insecurity, guilt, or
otherwise ego driven. I felt I had no choice as I allowed myself to be led by
emotions, feelings and outside influences most of the time. 

When I found the Pause Practice,
I found myself experiencing moments of Peace.
I began to enjoy being Present and Helpful.
Over time, I realized….by golly, I do have a choice!

Now, when I recognize my ego surfacing, I can Step Back from the familiar
feeling it brings, then relax, breathe, let my mind be a clean slate
and ask, “is there another way to see this”. Inspiration Within
provides Help in the moment and I can make the choice to Follow this

Now, I can experience Peace.

The loving calmness of Peace can wash over me, 
bringing Love into my heart, my life,
and my Relationships ~
and that can include everyone I meet!
I may still find myself slipping back
into the old cubicle-me ruling the roost,
but, with the Pause Practice, 
I can let that rooster rest every now and then.

What if we joined together in taking a PAUSE
in the midst of everyday life
to experience more Peace in the moment?

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Pages 38-39:

Consider being willing to commit the Pause Practice to memory. At the 
forefront of your mind at all times, you will now have an immediate way for 
practicing peace, being forgiving and receiving Wisdom.

Committing this practice to memory can potentially save you from future
cubicle, unnecessary challenges. Even if you are unable to commit the whole
practice to memory, there are short phrases varying in length from as
little as one word to a few words that will bring you into the Whole Experience, such as:
“Rest,” “Allow stillness to replace the chatter,” “Relax, listen, open to be
Helped,” “Be humbly available,” “Give some space, “I am willing”.

Practice Pause For Inspiration, when you are willing!
Willingness is the only condition.

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365 Pause Practices Day 249


The Answer to My Questions

Part I

Do You Wake Up With Stuff On Your Mind?

Mary Shares

I awoke one morning with some deeper life questions. Wondering about the
direction in my life, work, and healing in relationships. I pause and stop this baby
in its tracks before I start analyzing, figuring, and worrying! I receive guidance in this
pause to pause even more deeply. Deeper than those seemingly deep wonderings,
to go past those concerns that are on the forefront of my mind, lodged in my heart.
 Inspiration is not dismissing my questions, but rather leading me to a place where I
will find the helpful answers I need.

Traveling through my mind passing my initial questions on the trip and allowing
Inspiration to draw me closer to Itself. Essentially, what I receive is, “Mary, before
seeking answers to those questions, focus instead on healing within your mind.” 

 This struck me in the pause as making total sense! There is this cubicle mind
that worries, frets, and becomes anxious, fearful, sad, and even confused about its place in life.

The cubicle mind is sustained by thoughts of separation from LOVE and the
inevitable experiences that follow these thoughts and reinforce this warped belief
that I could ever be separate from LOVE ~ LOVE Who Is My Source.
The cubicle mind tends to feel that something isn’t right, something is missing, and
so its job is to fix what has gone wrong or prevent things from going wrong or play
hide n’ seek. Hide from what it thinks needs fixing and find what’s missing!!!

Being that the cubicle mind made up the game of Hide n’ Seek it is so
busy hiding and seeking that it never finds.
What would it find in that cubicle mind?

Direct Encounters with what I call
All~Encompassing LOVE continues to teach me that This LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY QUESTIONS.

We are all called to deepen our journey into healing our belief of being
disconnected from This TOTAL LOVE WHO LOVES US ALL. 

It is not about trying to fix the cubicle mind though that is usually where we
begin our journey, and that’s okay. Gotta start somewhere. 

How about beginning here?

PAUSE . . . open to an inner calm
STEP BACK . . . give some space from worry, stress, emotions, judging
STEP ASIDE . . . open to receiving LOVE 
LET LOVE LOVE YOU . . . and guide you into an encounter with your True Self

There YOU Are





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365 Pause Practices Day 248



Quieting is the practice of using one of the Pause Practices on the 3×5
practice cards for a longer period (5 – 20 minutes) while sitting and resting
comfortably. The purpose is to quiet the mind, calm emotions, and rest the
body as preparation to practice being willing to connect with Inspiration Within,
to let LOVE love you, thus accessing your inner Wisdom.

Eyes can open and close. Choose one word or one phrase that resonates or
use the whole practice. Consider using an extended Practice which can be
found on the back of most Pause Practice cards.

No hurry. Be with your experience. 

You may choose to listen online to A Guided Practice Extended Version or
perhaps record a Pause Practice on your phone in your voice and listen. 

All those new to quieting and centering the mind and living an Inspired Life ~ a
Being Truly Helpful life ~ will invariably find this practice helpful. At the very
least, it will leave you aware of the power of your willingness.

Those who have been centering and living helpful lives for a while now are
being invited to return again to the first step, the Beginning ~ your Inspired
Heart∞Mind in which your Innocence rests ~ and it is this we must do to Be Truly Helpful. 

Pause Golden Book page 42





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365 Pause Practices Day 247


Pause Golden Book page 348

Nurturing is meeting and accepting one’s True Nature.
It is seeing beyond that which is easily seen by the body’s
eyes, to seeing that which is typically unseen, yet extraordinary.

Your True Nature is so beautiful

that to behold it is to embrace Life itself; it is the breath that 
breathes Inspiration and whose Life is an eternal spirit.
Imagine if, in our relationships of all kinds, we devoted
ourselves to nurturing one another’s
True Nature.
Ah, what gifts we would be and what gifts we
would bring to one another in our everyday lives.
Imagine if we were as devoted to our True Nature as
we are to our cubicle nature. We would see the world differently.

It would be a different world:

Comforting instead of attacking,
Embracing instead of pushing away,
Offering instead of taking,
Extending instead of withholding
and, who knows, Living instead of dying.

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365 Pause Practices Day 246


An Opportunity to Reset the Moment

Natalie’s Experience

I started practicing the Pause Practice because I thought I wanted, needed
something to help free me from having moments of irritation by things that were
both in, and out, of my control. These things would steal my Peace!

I was beginning to think there was no hope for me as I’d tried so many different
ways of keeping my peace and nothing was helping!

I know now that I had been
perceiving in a way
that was not truly Helpful.

I realized that I needed to Practice Pausing in the moment, so I could ask my
Inner Wisdom for Help to See things differently. I needed to have True Vision, so I
could enjoy True Peace in the midst of everyday life. Now, I keep the Pause
Practice in my mind, ready to go, so I don’t have to put off my Peace until later,
I can have it right now, in the moment.

Pausing is a Practical Practice
that gives me clear direction
wherever I am,
whatever I am doing,
and whomever I am with!

As I Pause, I’m able to EXPERIENCE what a true relief it is to PAUSE!

Grateful to Pause
and Let Inner Wisdom Guide
so I can experience True Peace.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 12:

Begin with a one moment Pause.

Pausing is RESETTING your life.
Resetting the way you think about life;
resetting the way you SEE.
To reset is to begin again.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
You are given more than two chances;
every moment is an opportunity to begin again.


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