365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 245



by Mary

How can Practicing Pausing for your inner Wisdom be of service
to you (and others) when you’re having a bad day?

Earlier this week I woke up in a negative frame of mind. I paused
for Help from my Inner Helper. The self-sabotaging thoughts did
not immediately disappear! Rather, what did happen is I began
to receive direction in my mind about how to go about my
day. My Inner Helper guided me very specifically on where to go,
what to do, and with whom to share what I was experiencing. 

Firstly, I was guided to a specific place and what I can do while
at this place to unload my negative baggage. In part, this
involved talking a bit with someone who was encouraging and
loving, suggesting: 

 I let Peace be my guide and take time for Stillness.

That afternoon I chose to practice the back of “The 4 Decisions”
card which helps me dive deeper, to learn more about what
choice did I make, even while sleeping, that brought on this
negativity. After my practice, a heaviness was lifted. I felt lighter.

Throughout the day I wasn’t exactly connecting the dots that I
was truly being Led by my Inner Helper. I did not see this until that
night. I simply kept pausing to ask, listen, receive direction from
my Inner Wisdom, and follow.

The Great Exchange

As I got into bed, suddenly my mind was illuminated. I heard to
simply give “me, myself, and I” to Absolute LOVE, and I did. I was
willing and All~Encompassing LOVE is always ready! I received an
awareness of a LOVE so All~Encompassing that to continue to
hold onto this me state of mind seemed absolutely absurd!!! So, I
stretched out my willingness and exchanged “me-myself-and I”
for This One and Only LOVE.   


Immediately, my mind flipped turning Right side up, and a 
CELEBRATORY JOY filled my spirit. 

In exchanging this “me-self” for ALL-ENCOMPASSING LOVE,
I now know my Source IS LOVE.

In knowing my Source IS LOVE, I now know I belong to LOVE, I am
an extension of LOVE, not separate in any way.

In knowing I belong to LOVE, that I am an extension of LOVE ~
literally ~
I know who I am.





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365 Pause Practices Day 244


And the way all of that made me feel!

By Britt F.
(A member of the Pause 365 email list living in Belgium)

Aaaah, reading the Pause 365 Day 233 email reminded
me of an encounter that happened a while ago.

I went to the supermarket and as I entered there was a
younger, foreign man playing the accordion … and quite well too! 
I thought to myself, “When I finish my groceries and leave,
I will give him some money.”

When I went to the checkout to pay, I saw him
enter the supermarket and walk straight towards
the drinks department. I thought, “Ooooh, pity, now
I can’t give him some money.”

While I was still in line at the checkout, he came up right behind
me with his bottle of juice ;). After paying for my purchase, I said to the
checkout girl, “I will pay for this man’s bottle too!”

She looked surprised but nodded and he looked surprised too but
said, “Spasiba” (“thank you” in Russian) and left with his bottle.

By the time I came out, he was already sitting down and drinking from
his bottle. So I walked towards him and gave him 5 EURO, not that
much … but he smiled, took my hand, and kissed it !!!!!!!!!!!!
And the way all of that made me feel ….. WOW!

What felt SO good is that I just followed through on the
inner prompt/nudge to do this! Totally not planned, and not
considering any ‘but …’. Instead of giving him one gift,
I was able to give him two … and I
received LOVE in return!

Pause Golden Book page 145

Let us take our “acts of kindness” and “service” 
to a Whole new level.

While we are climbing the ladder of success, looking for the
ladder of success, or hanging by one arm from the ladder of
success, let Inspiration take our everyday lives to the top of
the ladder right now one Inspiring moment at a time, one
Inspiring thought at a time.

Inspiration will help us do just this.

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365 Pause Practices Day 243


Creature of habit

by Lisa

The other day I started a sewing project. It was one I had done several times.
Well, what should have taken minutes took much longer.

Every now and again, my Inspired Self would show me
another way to do a stitch or place a tuck or fold the fabric.

Did I listen and follow my Inspired Self? NO! 

Just the thought of doing things another way gave me anxiety!

Besides, I was seemingly “happy” being completely stressed out
doing the same thing again and again and getting nowhere!

Wanting a change and needing to complete the project,
I was able to quiet my mind and get out of my own way. 
I asked my Inspired Self for help.
Then by following the ideas and direction of my Inspired Self,
which resonated with my True Self, I was able to complete the project.
There were still a couple of times when my cubicle self would
not rest and a couple of the tucks are out of line.
It’s okay though, I look at this project as a testament to
The Power of Pausing!

Pause Golden Book page 211




The cubicle self simply doesn’t know any better

and it doesn’t know any better because this is simply who it is.

It identifies itself as a cubicle creature of habit.




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365 Pause Practices Day 242


My Willingness to Pause in the Moment

by Natalie

After a full and fun weekend, I found my cubicle mind running through all
of the fun experiences we enjoyed, replaying them. It was also focusing on a
couple of things I thought I could have done better or said more eloquently
and there was one moment when I thought I could have been more patient.

All of this living in the past
is NOT Helpful to Being in the Present. 

Thank goodness I can begin anew with a Pause!

I am Willing
to Practice
the Pause Practice
in this moment.

When I Pause, I am reminded of my Truly Helpful Self.
I just have to realize when I’m not Pausing,
then take a moment to Pause.

I begin to experience
Peace of Mind
 and Inspiration Within
can reveal itself to Me.

Now I am open
to Receiving
Peace, Love & Joy
in this Moment! 

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Inspiration Guide

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Pages 174-175:

Inspiration truly desires to teach you all of its ways of wisdom and loving;
for to be wise is to love, and to love is to be wise.

What is the cubicle self keeping you from?

Go hand in hand with your wise teacher navigating the twists and turns, back
alleyways, main drags and side streets of the cubicle heart and mind. As you look
upon these obstacles to peace with your teacher, Inspiration Within, it’s wisdom
and love will declare you free by showing you
your True Nature.

Be willing to be taught by this Teacher of teachers. To be a student of such is to be
a student with great willingness, true desire, vigilance, and strong determination 
to experience I n s p i r a t i o n.

Peace, Love & Joy are all this teacher
has to teach, for this is all it knows.

Ask your Inner Teacher
to reveal Itself to you.
~Peace, Love & Joy Awaits~

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365 Pause Practices Day 241


Fear of Being LOVED Truly

Shared by Mary

Through the process of observing my own mind and heart and listening
to the minds and hearts of others, I see a commonality ~

The fear of being LOVED Truly.

The fear associated with coming into the awareness of who you truly are
is so great, that one can barely see to stand it — The misunderstanding
is that when you come into the awareness of who you truly are in Love, it
is not that you will not be able to stand —
It is that you will finally be able to see.
Pause Golden Book, page 37 

I am deeply comforted by this message of hope. Hopeful that In my
willingness to let LOVE love me if only for a pause, I will finally be able to
see. Imagine seeing without the shadows of the past, present, and
future hanging over our heads. Seeing without this ego fear of being
LOVED by LOVE, a fear that is inevitably projected onto this now
moment, and so we miss the moment. 

~  ~  ~  

Anywhere, any time is an opportunity to experience being LOVED Truly.
I can Pause and let LOVE love me. It’s so simple by using the
Pause For LOVE Practice shared with you below.
Don’t miss the moment.





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365 Pause Practices Day 240


Shared by Lisa

All of us have access to a powerful and inspiring resource –
Inner Wisdom.
This Inner Wisdom is always
available to us – anytime and anywhere – we just need to choose it.

“…It is a fact that simply by your following Peace [Inner Wisdom]
in the quiet of your mind, it is being extended. Inspiration may Inspire
you to extend this Peace [Inner Wisdom] in words, silence, outer action 
or inner action. …” (Pause Golden Book ~ pg 36)

Your Inner Wisdom is waiting for you in the Pause Practice.

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Inner Wisdom Guide

We can choose to practice the Pause Practice for ourselves,
for our family, for our friends,

Pause Golden Book page 63
The Inspired Mind shines a light on how to be
Inspired To Be Truly Helpful. Let’s warm up the world.

Be the fire of joy in your workplace instead of waiting for
someone else to crack a smile.

Be the one who is willing to see anew—notice the good job
of your coworker—not waiting around for someone to take note of your work.

Be the one doing your job to the tune of Inspiration instead of simply
admiring a colleague who is stepping to the rhythm of Inspiration.

Be the one who is Inspired to Inspire others instead of waiting for
someone else to Inspire you.

Be the one who sees a customer as an oppor­tunity to experience
what your Inspired Mind is up to, instead of seeing the customer
as simply a means to a paycheck or an annoying gnat to swat!

It begins with you.

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365 Pause Practices Day 239


Love is What You Are

by Natalie
When I use the Pause Practice,
I am reunited with my vast Inner Love and Peace of Mind.
This Love is always here waiting, available,
ready to stretch its arms out like the vast light of a lighthouse.
Sharing its light, which is Love, undoes the darkness,
sweeping out in all directions,
Helpful to Everyone it meets.

This Love is Unconditional,
as the Lighthouse shines its light,
it’s Love, to the benefit of All.

This Love is inclusive,
as no one is excluded
from this shared Love.

There is nothing you can or cannot do
to get more or less Love from the Lighthouse.
It’s vast and unending Love is readily Available to us All.

There is a LOVE that loves me.
Always ~ Unceasing ~ Unwavering ~ Forever
I Receive this Love.
I let this LOVE ~ love me.
I will truly love others.

I can take a moment to Practice
the Pause for Love Practice ~ using the card below.

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 5

Love is the Immense Presence of Peace —
Changeless, Timeless, Constant, Growing, Embracing,
All-Encompassing and Eternally Grateful — grateful for you.
Love is a part of everyday life in the everyday world
whether we are aware of This Presence or not.

Our unknowing, unwillingness, self- centeredness
and unawareness have no effect on Love’s Knowing,
Love’s Willingness, Love’s Ever-Giving Nature
and Love’s Awareness.

Such is how Love is Love.
Such is how there is nowhere Love is not.

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365 Pause Practices Day 238





People are reporting that giving is naturally happening in their
presence and it is bringing with it great bouts of joy.

We are happy to report that the giving rate is on the increase.

People are giving in unthinkable ways
without even having planned to do so

People are giving
without even being aware that they are giving,
but a quiet inner peace is
coming over their hearts and pervading the universe
in ways we have never imagined.

Where there was once suffering,
now we find contentment.

Where once there was pain, now we see hope.

Where sorrow prevailed, Now,

An unexplainable Peace is filling the air …

Pause Golden Book page 284

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365 Pause Practices Day 237


How does Worthiness Affect
Giving and Receiving?

I am Worthy, You are Worthy
by Natalie

Giving Love to myself and others is a challenge if it comes from a place of lack and
unworthiness. I simply cannot give that which I do not have for myself and how
can I effectively receive it from others if I believe I’m unworthy of having it?

Choosing to Pause
Helps Bring
my Worthiness
and True Self into Focus.

Using the Pause Practice for myself and my marriage has become a Practical and
Healthy Practice
that I’ve been doing to bring forth my
True, Loving, and Worthy Self
into interactions, conversations, activities, decisions,
and collaborations of any kind.  

We are all Worthy of a Pause.

Pausing to allow myself a moment of calm
before responding to a question, or approaching a complicated subject,
or dealing with an unforseen issue,
reminds me that I am Loved
and I am Worthy of Sharing Love in any situation.
I always have the opportunity to invite
my calm Inner Wisdom into the conversation.  


Pause for Worthiness
Wherever I am ~ Whatever I am doing
Whomever I am with

I Pause:
To remember I am Worthy.

I Step Back:
To See Who I Truly Am in Love.

I Step Aside:
To Experience My True Self Within Me.

I Let Inspiration Guide:
To Truly Loving Myself
and Extending this Love to Others
no matter what.
When I Pause,

I am open to Experiencing
My Inner Worthiness
and Truly Receiving and Giving Love.


Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 263:
Why not Worthiness? 
Worthiness is One of a Kind.
Worthiness fills every basket to the brim
with thoughts of Inspiration.
What am I Worth? 
As soon as I decide to accept My Worthiness,
I shall experience being Worthy. 
~That which flows from Inspiration
is Totally Worthy no matter what!~

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back of the card
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365 Pause Practices Day 236


What I give ~ I receive

shared by Lisa

Sometimes the Pause takes me outside of my comfort zone and I
get nervous. I find I am not always comfortable when I choose
to practice the Pause. Happy am I when I stop fighting the Pause
and just let all of my fears and trepidations fall away.

When I chose to practice the Pause Practice and follow the
inspiration given to me, I find myself sharing more than
just material and tangible things with others.
I share hope, compassion, and LOVE.

The best part ~ EVERYTHING I GIVE to others ~ I RECEIVE in return! 

Shared from Page 12 of the Pause Golden Book

Choose the Pause and Be in the Pause

Sometimes the Pause chooses you.

Let yourself be chosen.
In your pausing you pause to another
and you begin a domino effect of the pause all throughout.

No need to have to reside in a special place – 
Pause where you find yourself and 
find your True Self in the pause.

Pause indeed for as long as you like,
wherever you like.
Relish the Pause.
Relinquish the fear.

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Open the book anywhere, any time for insight and laughter. 





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