365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices – Day 85


“Do Not Step Out of the Cubicle!

This is the command of the cubicle small-minded mind.

Whereas, Inspiration shares,

“Do not fret. This most serene, still, always moving, all-embracing, and Inspiring Light serves you well and

everyone else while we are living in the world.

This Light enters the world through YOU!”

page 215

Your Inspired Heart∞Mind through which Inspiration flows

has access to all possibilities.

Thus it can inspire in all possible ways.

page 211

I just had a glorious conversation with a woman who is a living embodiment of stepping out of the cubicle mind – the mind in the box – and stepping into her Inspired Heart∞Mind.

We shared our stories of getting around CLOSED cubicle minds by being willing to trust INspiration to simply get our foot in the door, however, whenever, wherever, in order to share the hopeful and helpful tools we each have. She works in educational advocacy; Pause is teaching accessing Inner Wisdom in daily life.

Safe, Wise, Kind, and Truly Helpful is simple.


~ step out of the cubicle ~





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365 Pause Practices – Day 84


Expressing Gratitude

who will I extend gratitude to today?

Only in our experience of truly resonating with Inspiration Within will one experience their complete trust in it; even then we will fall from trusting Inspiration from time to time. Be not afraid; Be Hopeful. Because until
one has their experience of resonating, developing trust in Inspiration is
still available to all of us ~ through GRATITUDE!

Lately, I have become more aware of the need to practice gratitude. As I
do so, I am grateful for the positive effect it is having on my mindset,
emotional stability, and following Inspiration’s guidance. Practicing
gratitude has a way of deepening our trust in Inspiration Within.

Expressing gratitude within, or to another, is acknowledging the
reality and power of Inspiration in your everyday life
(which increases your trust in Inspiration).

~ ~ ~
Gratitude is opening to an experience of seeing Inspiration
at work in the here and now ~
in the ordinariness of life.
page 30

Today I give gratitude to Orli,
a School Counselor, who is

truly motivated and inspired in caring for
students’ wellbeing.

She took the care and time to reach out to PAUSE
asking us to come to her elementary school to
share PAUSE with teachers, staff, parents, and students. YAY!!!
for learning PAUSE in an after-school program.

Teachers Can Pause

In a school assembly, students, and staff learned

Pause For Your Helpful Self ~ Kids Can Pause

It was wild and fun!

At a PTA meeting, parents learned

Parents Can Pause

PAUSE distributed FREE

T-shirts, Books, Practice Cards, and Wristbands to

teachers, parents, students, and staff.






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365 Pause Practices – Day 83


The Back of The Heart

The Power of Pausing

a heart transplant

One day the back of the heart opens. It can’t be predicted; it can’t be forced. It
can’t be maneuvered or planned. It can be welcomed. Something inside finally
frees up a “YES” to LIFE in the biggest sense of the word, in a mundane moment.
Such is The Power of Pausing.


This past Sunday, the first day of spring, at a meeting of Pause helpers and
volunteers, I had this experience! Just before walking into the meeting, I gather
inner support as I practice PAUSE FOR INSPIRATION. I sit down at the dining
room table taking notes on my handy legal pad, resting in a pause, and
suddenly, without warning, the back of my heart sends the heart-guards away
and flies out of its nest, its’ wings fluttering to the “front” of my heart; the heart I
think of as my heart. This new humming heart replaces the front of my heart
which had been standing in all this time. A heart transplant!

What one Pause for Wisdom can do;
a new mind, a new heart, freely given, freely received.

I am grateful for the heart I have thought of as my heart that has served me well
all these years. Protecting me, warning me, looking out for me, showing me how
to serve another ~ how to love, guiding me through the shadows this way and
that, directing my radar when darkness disguised as the light was headed my
way ~ though I often ignored those signals and suffered the consequences.

I took that pain and suffering, the crooked and fragile cracks in my heart, (three
that I thought would never heal), and laid them at the feet of ABSOLUTE LOVE.
The LOVE that is All-Encompassing, All-Forgiving, and whose mercy is without
limits. For if I was to carry them any longer I was sure to fade completely and no
one would notice I was missing, including me.

Healing is moving from an experience of disconnection to connection.

Healing is not on my timetable, never looking how I think healing should look, or
is how I ask for it to be. LOLOL. What do I know?

The front of my heart has held me until I was ready for the
back of my heart to reveal who I am truly in This LOVE.

You Are Worthy of a Pause

click on card





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365 Pause Practices – Day 82


The Land of Inspiration

resting in the space connecting two breaths is a pause.

What’s in that pause? Your Inspired Heart∞Mind whom
carries with it an Inspired heightened awareness of PEACE.

pg. 212 ~ download pause book

The PEACE we seek. Stop seeking. Start finding.

Inspiration hears our sounds of willingness and enters into our thoughts, conversations, to-do lists, on and on. Why wouldn’t Inspiration want to companion us through our everyday life stuff? We need help. I do!

Without Inspiration, life is boring at best and
routine maintenance at worst with a coupon here and there!

Strategic Planning Without Pause ~ Ugh

On Sunday Pause had a strategic planning meeting. Honestly, I did not have high hopes for this meeting. In my cubicle/ego line of thought I figured we’d talk about the same old stuff, have some good ideas, but that would be the end of it. I’d leave feeling like my to-do list just got longer.

Strategic Preparation with a Pause

I practiced “The 4 Decisions” Pause Practice right before our Pause Strategic Planning meeting in hopes of undoing my hopelessness!

  • I walked into the meeting feeling hopeful and ready for things to SHIFT.
  • I stepped back from past experiences of previous meetings.
  • I decided there must be Another Way.
  • I stayed open every moment to possibilities,
  • I remained calm in the pause.
  • I listened

WOW!!!!!!!!! No accident that everyone was ready for a shift into being TRULY HELPFUL.

Dayna, the planner, used the words “Strategic Preparation” (instead of “planning”) right off and I knew at the deepest level of my being that she had applied Pause in her preparation for our meeting. She was organized, open, loving, listening, focused, and supportive; inspiring us all to reach inside for our Inspiration.

At the meeting’s end, I had an Enthusiastic, Creative Spirit about a new Pause endeavor. Can’t wait to begin.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 81


Above artwork: Mary Kirkou


General Guidelines for Practicing PAUSE
Here’s what works for me to receive Help from within:

  • The Choice Is Mine: I usually Practice The PAUSE, using one of the cards you can find here, at least once a day preferably in the morning. This helps to stabilize awareness of inner Wisdom, how easy it is to access the Wisdom within, and recognition of my choice to ignore or receive Wisdom in the midst of everyday life.
  • Willingness Is Everything: As I am willing, which isn’t always, I use the 4 Steps of PAUSE, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and whomever I am with. Wisdom is always safe, kind, wise, and truly helpful.
  • I Got This? My goal is to not exclude anything; even those activities, situations, and relationships which I think “I got this.” Because a task is repetitive or I think I know someone well or what to say, doesn’t mean PAUSE does not apply. In fact, Pause may prove to help you and others in unexpected ways in those areas of life with which we are “familiar”.

Our routine daily rituals are fertile ground for a Pause
to open a window in our minds and let in some fresh air.

CLICK ON CARDS to download, enlarge, print, practice!

I find it truly helpful to use The Pause before, during, and after any life situation.


As preparation for a meeting, my work day, a conversation, email or text, setting priorities for the day to receive calm, efficiency, clarity of focus, to be safe, prevent conflict, and establish peace of mind.


To gain greater awareness of Inspiration’s presence and direct helpfulness. Be directed as to how to be present and respond in communications, to slow down and be present for moving through a task with greater ease, allowing creativity, patience, and being of service.


Reflect on my perceptions, thoughts, and judgments of myself and/or another or a situation. What was helpful? What perceptions, words, and actions were not so helpful? How am I being present with myself and others, or not? Was I getting out of my own way to listen to inner Wisdom or did I get caught up in appearances and the status quo woe?





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365 Pause Practices – Day 80


Wrestling With LOVE?

What does it mean to wrestle with LOVE? It is to enter into a relationship
with This LOVE ~ Getting to know who and what This LOVE IS. Asking,
“What does LOVE have to do with relationships, my work, how I spend my
time, everyday life, and the state of the world?

I am continuing to see the answer to this question is, “EVERYTHING!”

There comes a time in our lives when we want to know who we truly are.
One may ask a variation of, “Who am I?” LOVE’s answer is freely given. Yet,
one may not be willing to receive the answer without putting up a fight.

Herein lies the true transformation through LOVE;
in our wrestling with who and what we think LOVE is.

It doesn’t make sense to the cubicle mind as to why anyone would fight
against freedom ~ against recognizing one’s True Self in LOVE. So, what is
this wrestling with LOVE about?

Why do we resist LOVE?

The fear associated with coming into the awareness of who you truly are is so great, that one can barely see to stand it ~

The misunderstanding is that when you come into the awareness of who you truly are in LOVE, it is not that you will not be able to stand ~ it is that you will finally be able to see.

(page 37 pause book)

Receive Your Complimentary Pause Book Here!





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365 Pause Practices – Day 79


Give Some Space

One can mistakenly think that Practicing The Pause means that they have
to make their mind completely turn off and go blank! No, no, no. There’s
no need to push away your thinking, feeling, planning, figuring, judging,
saying, and doing. No need to pretend they are not there. Simply give
some space. Fear pushes away, Inspiration draws you close; gladly
receiving from you all that you choose to hand over in exchange for
Another Way ~ The Way of Peace.

Better to have a bad day and eventually
come into the presence of Inspiration Within
than to have a “good” day all on your own.
page 21-22 Pause Yellow Book

Practice Allowing Space

Giving some space happens in your stepping back from yourself and all that is happening in your mind. Spaciousness enters and lightens the load (page 22).

Follow Along:

Begin with a one moment pause ~ breathe.

With each pause, each breath, letting mental and bodily tension gradually dissolve. No effort.

Lighten the load.

With each pause, the mind begins to feel more spacious, each breath like a gentle breeze blowing away the debris and allowing more space in the mind.

Breathe this spaciousness ~ in and out.

The mind becoming an open field, a vast view ~ free to receive rest, allowed to be; restful body.

Rest is an act of LOVE in you. Be at rest; allowing more and more LOVE and WISDOM to come into this spaciousness all around you and within you.

Continue gentle breaths.

Open Pause Yellow Book to any page for a snippet of Inspiration.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 78


Not Enough Time?

I feel like I have been fighting with the clock since I first became aware of the clock. When I was a little girl and needed to become aware of time to begin attending first grade, I asked my mother:

Who came up with this time thing anyway?

Time is for healing. When you realize this, and you will, once
you begin practicing PAUSE, life will change.
Life will change because the mind living your life will have changed.
(page 6 Pause Yellow Book)


We hear about the importance of “being present”. What does that mean? Shall I take out my stopwatch and start timing my being present? Shall I set a goal to be present for the next 10 seconds, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, all day?

  • Do you need to sit down to be present or do you need to stand up?
  • Do I have to tell someone else to shut up so I can be present?
  • Do I have to find a special place to be present?
  • Does the body have to be in a special position to be present?
  • What is the deal anyway? Does anyone know how to be present?

Yes. Your Inspired Heart∞Mind knows and is fully present. Practicing Pause is one way to experience your Inspired Heart∞Mind as a way of being present. (page 70 Pause Yellow book)


Take a Breath

Give a moment now.

Take a breath.

Acknowledge that you are slowing down to pause.

Take a breath.

Accept the background sounds as is; no need to push them away.

Take a breath.

Notice being surrounded by a quiet calm.

Take a breath.

Open to receive even the slightest sense of Peace within your mind.

Take a breath.

It’s okay to have mental chatter; no need to push it away.

Take a breath.

Simply let Peace share Peace with you. No effort.

Take a breath.

Continue pausing ~ receive Peace for as long as you choose.





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365 Pause Practices – Day 77


Something Wonderful

Pause is a message without pompous appeal,
mass appeal, or worldly appeal.

I spent too much of my life looking to other people whom I
thought knew something I didn’t. I mistook their positions, age,
careers, costumes, roles of authority, words, self-confidence, and the
books they read and/or written as demonstrations of knowing. I was
deceived by appearances.

All the while I knew. I knew Something Wonderful.

This Something Wonderful was clear to me for as long as I can
remember. It was clear because it was Certainty; it was LOVE, and
LOVE is Certainty.

Pause is Sharing Something
You Can Refuse!

If You Do Nothing with these “Pause Posts” after reading them, that will be fine, as they will have done something worthwhile within you. And this you will take with you wherever you go.

Yet, if you choose to apply all 4 Steps of The Pause in your everyday life communications, relationships, activities, and situations, you will receive so much more. I leave that with you to experience for yourself!


Step Back

Step Aside

Let Inspiration Guide

Certainty seldom reveals itself to those who do not want to hear it. LOVE is Certainty. The choice to hear is always ours.

page 7, Pause Yellow Book

Click to download





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365 Pause Practices – Day 76


How Can I Help the

Ukrainians and Russians?

“You can love.” This is the answer I receive when I Pause for Inspiration,
asking, “How can I help the Ukrainians and Russians?” Perhaps your
question is somewhat different, so ask your question.

I feel out of my comfort zone watching the travesty that is transpiring
before all of our eyes as I am sitting in the comfort of my home with
water, food, electricity, luxury; everything I need, and everything I don’t
need. Yet, I am suffering with and for the Ukrainian and Russian people.

“How do I love,” I ask my Inner Helper. “To relieve suffering, love
everyone in your midst; first love those in your home, those with who
work, any on the street, those whose faces you see, those who cross
your mind ~ love.” Whether in thoughts, words, and/or actions ~ love.

For in loving these, you love and help the people of
Ukraine and Russia.

How Can Upset and Suffering Be a Catalyst for Helping Others and Ourselves at the same time?


I can vent upset, but then what? Suffering can leave me feeling dispirited, helpless, abandoned, with nowhere to turn. I feel my feelings, then instead of getting lost in my upset and suffering, I am willing to Pause for my calm, quiet mind.


As I see the images of war and suffering and hear the sounds of fear in people’s voices and tears, I am willing to Step Back, to give some space from my reactions, so LOVE and WISDOM have room to enter. Breathe.


Rather than clinging to my way and resisting the Wise Help available to me within, I am willing to Step Aside to welcome and receive direction on how I can help. I ask, “What would be truly helpful now?

LET INSPIRATION GUIDE ~ This is what I am receiving for me. What are you receiving for you? Listen and follow Wisdom.

  • I am guided to inspire the dispirited in my midst; letting LOVE lead.
  • I am guided to make a donation. I will pause for whom to donate to.
  • I am guided to not be afraid to have conversations with people; not political bantering, but genuine sharing of our experiences even though they may differ. This just happened on my walk! Walking by another woman, we paused to say “Hello” and she raised the topic! So grateful for this exchange.
  • I am guided to pray for EVERYONE involved, that includes Americans and the rest of the world.
  • I am guided to keep listening for how to see this world with LOVE and be of service in ways seen and unseen; this includes my thoughts and judgments.


Let’s not get lost in the
We are the light of the world.
Be the light.

As I remember this, I am being guided to address any lingering “war” with myself; what inner conflicts are pulling on me that I need to look at and draw nearer to Inner Present LOVE for help forgiving myself.






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