365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 285


Dear – OH DEAR!

video share by Lisa

So, yeah, I’m that age now …

Pause Golden Book page 169

Inspiration reveals itself to you in many ways.

Yes, though there is only One Spirit of Peace, it is lovely enough to come to us in
ways each one of us will understand, identify with and experi­ence—Inspiration will
extend itself to us in myriad ways.


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365 Pause Practices Day 284


There Are a Gazillion Reasons

We Refuse to Pause ~

Here are Eight!

shared by mary

I Got This!

Pausing will only slow “me” down baby
“I GOT THIS” IS TAKING YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL. That’s exactly what we’re saying to ourselves when we’re stuck in pride. Sports stars drop the ball, miss the hoop, and take their eyes off the ball. We do the same with daily tasks, conversations, driving, etc. 

I Don’t Have Time to Pause

Then you really need to pause. Practicing The Pause has been shown over and over again to save time, money, and energy . . . and relationships . . . not to mention sanity.

P.S. You don’t need any candles! Pause where you find yourself and find your True Self in the Pause. But hey, do what works!

I Feel Fine

You don’t have to feel angry, upset, or in conflict to pause. Pause when you’re peaceful and find an even more peaceful zone or to keep your peace for the next time you need to pause.

I’m Intelligent and Educated

Whoa, you absolutely need to pause. Those of us who see ourselves as intelligent and educated can easily bypass our inner Wisdom that is creative, easygoing and isn’t expending energy intellectualizing trying to impress people and gain approval.

He Can Pause. I Paused Last time.

What is this 3rd grade? Waiting for
someone else to pause is like waiting for
the plane that never took off to land.

I Have a Right to My Emotions.

Yes, you do. No one is asking you not to
feel. Are your emotions moving you into
increasing chaos, anxiety, depression, or
escalation? How about asking your inner
Wisdom for help with your emotions?

Nobody’s Going To Tell Me What To Do.

Your Inspired Mind doesn’t tell you
what to do. It simply extends
Inspiration, Creativity, Wisdom, Love,
and Peace. You have the freedom to
receive it or say no thanks.

I’ve Been Doing This Job for 30
Years. I Don’t Need No Pause.

Have you learned anything new in 30
years? Have you sustained an injury
from being on autopilot? Are others
being adversely affected by your
worn-out ideas and ways?





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365 Pause Practices Day 283


Helping Kids Find Inner Calm

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, School Nurses & Counselors,

and Kids are COLLABORATING with Pause For Your Helpful Self.

Your Helpful Self is always Safe, Kind, Wise, and Truly Helpful.

School Nurse & Mom Teaches Her Son PAUSE

I realized that my interventions sometimes made things worse and that he
needed to have some control over the situation and could redirect himself.
While learning Pause he was facing a problem with a classmate and
shared, “I just paused and thought of a better way I can think about this.”

I cannot believe how grateful I am to have discovered the PAUSE program as a
mother. I was introduced to PAUSE as a nurse and before implementing it in the
school I work, I first started using it with my son. My son suffers from anxiety and
ADHD. We went through many episodes of screaming and crying with little success
in calming down and redirecting. I introduced him to PAUSE thinking that at this
point anything was worth trying. We read the book together and immediately
started “Pausing” when we were on the brink of meltdowns. After a few times, he
began to be able to identify ways that he could calm down. It didn’t happen
immediately and sometimes I would have to remind him to PAUSE, but it worked.

He keeps his reminder card on his desk and sometimes needs to read it to himself.
We have fewer breakdowns and he is able to pull things together much quicker
and we have had a wonderful turnaround.

Jennifer Wofford, RN, School Nurse & Mom
Peabody Elementary

School Counselor On The Move With Pause

Orli Pinsberg, Elementary School Counselor was instrumental in motivating her school to learn about how to PAUSE FOR YOUR HELPFUL SELF.

To Download, Enlarge, Print, & Order PAUSE CARDS

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, & School Nurses,
and Counselors
check out this website





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365 Pause Practices Day 282


Message of  PEACE

sharing & photo by mary

Peace in our midst
is here to behold
sharing its glances even in the bitter cold.
We may not recognize Peace with our body’s eyes and all,
but Peace sees us and hears our weary call.
And when we let Peace in
let Peace sit by our side,
something happens within
there’s nothing to hide.

Peace wipes away our tears
helps us forget our fears and doubts,
assuring us we are being held
amid inner~outer shouts.

 Together in our dancing, time will take a pause,
Peace providing hope for our life’s purpose and cause.

Do not be surprised by the Peace in our midst
for its unceasing presence is blowing us a kiss.
Then Peace waits patiently to see if it lands
in one willing heart in the worldly stands.

Peace meets us here on earth
we needn’t travel so so far.
Peace is present here and now
in our reach for the ever-raising bar.
Turns out there is no such bar
we are not asked to achieve worldly feats,
rather rest in the pause,
simply take our seats.

Stop trying so hard my dear friend
seeking where Peace cannot be found,
simply let LOVE love you 
in this Silent Sound.
The sound of pause.





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365 Pause Practices Day 281


Embrace of Trees

The seeming foreverness of trees
drawing my attention towards
inner ~ outer Peace
a simultaneous union
each reflecting the other
inner ~ outer ~ inner

Trees appearing
each one
with a trunk of its own
yet somehow embodying a connection with each other
each being their part, rooted and
connected inside
one earth
a forest of many trees
the light keeping watch

What is on your mind this evening?

How might Peace of Mind help you?

How might your Peace of Mind help another?
sharing by mary

photos: mary taking a walk in the pause





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365 Pause Practices Day 280



by Natalie

Yesterday I was running errands and stopped to get a drive-thru
smoothie. I ordered, drove around to the window and the girl took my
money without saying one word. The window closed and she was gone.

I was in a hurry, but patiently waited, Pausing with each passing
moment. While I waited, I heard my Inner Wisdom telling me to share
a Pause for Love card with her, so I got one out and had it ready.

Then, I hear my cubicle-self starting to wrangle with the idea… “she
doesn’t seem very open, she seems rushed, I don’t want to be pushy, I
don’t have time, I’m in a hurry”, etc, etc. The funny thing is, the
smoothie took SO long that I had the opportunity to work through all
of my silly excuses. I kept hearing Inspiration Within telling me to
follow this guidance, to Just DO It, and to not be afraid. 

She finally came back to the window and I hear her apologize for the
wait as she hands me my smoothie. I tell her it’s no problem, I thank
her, and I hand her the Pause for Love card and say, “I just wanted to
share some love with you today”. She thanked me and turned away ~ I
could see her reading it as the window closed.

Pause for Love
Wherever I am ~ Whatever I am doing
Whomever I am With

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 5:

Love is applicable to all situations, in all environments, relationships,
conversations, discussions and actions in the world. It does not have a
special place all its own — you are Love’s place. Wherever you find you,
there Love is. Wherever you stumble upon Love, there you are. Such is
why Love is applicable and darn right useful in every circumstance of
life in the world. Love heals what you thought could not be healed,
loves what you thought could not be loved.

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365 Pause Practices Day 279


Deep Dive

sharing by mary

I have heard all my life about how someone loves me, or the words, “I love
you,” or I am LOVED, etc., One morning in 2017 with a mind full of racing
thoughts and seeking Peace of Mind, I heard within,

Stop trying so hard,
just let LOVE, love you.
I about fell off the couch!

When it comes to our inner life, sometimes we stand on the shore, maybe dip
our feet in shallow water, walk into waist-high waters, sail out beyond the sight
of dry land, and perhaps take a Deep Dive. With my inner life (and probably
outer life as well), MUCH to my surprise, the deepest dive I have yet to take is SAYING WITHIN,


Now more than ever I am fascinated by this practice of 
Letting LOVE, Love me
in which, ironically, thoughts of “me” disappear, which is a relief, right,
because “me” is the problem!

Practicing this led to the creation of our Pause For LOVE Practice (below).
I now practice this daily and much to my surprise it is having a direct, truly
helpful impact on how my day goes! The inner guidance I receive ranges from
detailed (call this person now) to a reminder that I have choices, to choosing
calm, to be direct in communication, and to an awareness of a Gentle Peace.

Potential Useful Results
(don’t take my word for it ~ see for yourself)

Things I saw as problems I can see without the “problems” label.

Resolution of what I saw as “problems” comes easier.

Direction with priorities is provided in the next steps of my day.

Unhelpful judgments of others and self-sabotage fall away.

Worry and anxiety are replaced with a relaxed mindset.

Connecting with friends, family, and strangers is a valuable use of time.

I step outside and breathe the air.

Its easier to let LOVE love you if you have a reminder! So, 

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365 Pause Practices Day 278


Engines Need Oil
I Need to Follow My Inner Wisdom

by Natalie

Have you ever experienced something inside is nudging you,
but you’re just too “busy” to listen and follow up on it? 

Well, my engine oil light came on over the weekend, and quite
honestly, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this happen. My Inner
Wisdom had been telling me to check my oil change log for WEEKS
and I kept meaning to check it, but then I’d get distracted and forget.

This Aha! moment reminded me that the Pause Practice
isn’t just about Pausing and Listening,
it’s about the decision to also Follow its guidance.

The Pause Practice, the 4 Decisions,
can lead us to being Truly Helpful
to ourselves and others. 

Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside
Let Wisdom Guide

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365 Pause Practices Day 277


Opportunities? Roadblocks?

Do relationships seem like an obstacle course to you? 
~ family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, passersby, clerks ~ 
sharing by mary

What if those seeming roadblocks were seen differently?

Seen as opportunities to open to one’s inner Wisdom
rather than a PROJECT or a ride into the CUBICLE HALL OF HORRORS?

Opportunity for what?

Our walk in this world is a trust walk.
can walk in this world with a heart÷mindset of distrust.
Everywhere I look seeing
ore trouble, more things to do, more time and money, sacrifice, loss ~ 
somebody, somewhere always wanting more of me.
I can walk in this world with a Heart∞Mindset of TRUST and
see opportunities to connect with my inner Wisdom
and receive Help with ALL of my relationships.
Pause Golden Book, pages 342-343

Lighten UP Your Relationships?
Practice Your Peace of Mind





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365 Pause Practices Day 276


We Share Inspiration


by Natalie

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and the energy
between you was so open and uplifting that it seemed like you nearly
floated home afterward? If you have, you know, it’s an Inspired
exchange. It’s like you were meant to meet this person, meant to
share this exact moment with them, to enrich their life, and to have
your life enriched by them.

This is what can happen
openly Received
and then Shared
with another mutually.

Inspiration comes into our awareness when we are Pausing to BE in
the Present Moment. When we’re able to cast aside all worry and doubt, fear and
judgments, if for only this one precious moment, right now.

Pausing our minds in the midst of conversation
keeps us grounded in the Present Moment,
so we can share our Inspired energy,
our Inspired Selves, with one another.

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Shared from the Pause Golden Book,
Page 250:

We Are All In This Together.
No Matter How Unrelated You May Appear To Be To Another,
The Fact Is We Are All Related
To One Another
In Our Experience of Being Human.

We Share the Air, Water and Space,
But What Really Makes Us All Related
This comes into our awareness
when we share





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