365 Pauses

365 Pause Practices Day 235


Miraculous Encounter at the Bank

Mary’s Experience

About to get dinner started realizing gee I wanted to get to the bank and the
post office today and look at the time. I pause.

My Thinking in a Pause: 
What is the best thing for me to do right now?

My Listening in a Pause: 
Don’t make this more than what it is. I’ll be back in plenty of time to make
dinner and this will be off my list.

My Following in a Pause: 
I wanted to go to the bank first, but I am led to the post office first. No snags,
all is well. Zip to the bank drive-thru. My transaction is quick and efficient
which isn’t usually the case at this bank where I am ready to withdraw all my
money because of their poor customer service.

Unexpected Gift Following INspiration in a Pause

The teller, a young man, looks through the glass to let me know that I am
eligible for Premier Banking blah, blah, blah.
I have heard this spiel several times from others at this bank, but this time was
different. Why? This young man is truly present which is allowing him to be
truly helpful and I am drawn in!

A Truly Helpful Banking Experience!
I feel my heart softening and opening.
When is the last time you experienced that at a bank?


I am willing to hear this young man out.

I see a person wanting to be truly helpful, he is clearly focused on doing his
job well, and I am moved to support him in this as it’s a rare event these days.

I feel a smile brightening my face ~ maybe the first smile all day.

I truly see this young man and I value him as a person

He wasn’t just trying to get me to do something because it’s his job to get
customers to sign-up for this program. A present-kindness poured forth from
him and a genuine caring for me and my money. He asks if there was a
number the personal banker could reach me at and I gave him my number without reluctance. 

most of the time!
lol lol

“You have a nice day,” he says in a way that resonates truly.
And you know, I am having a truly nice day!





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365 Pause Practices Day 234


Pause Is A Present HOPE

Natalie Receives Help and Hope!

Hope is Alive
As I Step Aside
and Let Inspiration Guide

I am beginning to see glimpses of change happening within me. It’s like the
red carpet is being rolled out before me, leading me to a life that is full of
Hope, yet simpler, more meaningful, and satisfying than my usual worldly

As I use the Pause Practice, I find that it is so practical! I’m able to leave
behind such things as petty disagreements, self-pity, judgments of self
and others ~ or I can at least identify this behavior within me and let it go
more quickly ~ so I can move toward this Hope that lies within me. This
Hope is Inspiration Within. 

I am Ready and Willing
to Give up my old way
of thinking, saying, and doing. 

I am Ready and Willing
to invite Inspiration Within.

Hope is Alive
in Inspiration Within.

Pause Is A Present HOPE

Hope is experiencing that all is well right now ~

not because of something spectacular that you have

accomplished in your past or have yet to accomplish,

rather because of the Something Spectacular

that is accomplishing itself in you.

page 13 Pause Golden Book

Hungry for Hope?

Hope Is On The Menu

Open this Book in any 1 of its 4 sections to receive a laugh,
an aha, a helpful change in perception, and to
access Inspiration Within.

Pause, Step Back, Step Aside,
Let Inspiration Guide

Alive and Well

1:1 ~ NOW!

4.) LOVE
Relationship Sailing
Relationship Nuts & Bolts

Let a Friend Know They Can Sign-up Here
to Receive A Daily Pause.





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365 Pause Practices Day 233


What a great way to start my day!

Shared by Lisa

The other day I was at a stop light where there was a person with a sign. “Oh boy,
here we go.” I thought. “Just another person trying to get something for nothing.
You look young and strong – get a job!”

Well, that certainly was my cubicle mind talking – nothing loving there!

As the young man turned, his sign simply said he would work for food
and needed help. When I read his sign my Inspired Self shouted,
I rolled down the window and offered him an orange.

His response was, “Oh! An orange! I would LOVE an orange!” Not only
did my Inspired Self move me to share both of my oranges – but my ENTIRE lunch!
As I was handing the lunch over to him, my cubicle self started to protest. Calmly
and Peacefully, my Inspired Self reassured me that I could buy lunch later.

By Stepping Aside and Following the Inspiration given to me I was
able to help someone I didn’t know and extend LOVE to them.
In turn, I also received LOVE through my volunteering to
practice the Pause Practice while driving to work. 

Pause Golden Book pages 250-251


This comes into our awareness as we are willing to Pay Attention.
This comes into our awareness when we
share INSPIRATION One–to–One.

Now, this all sounds nice and cozy and all, but I guess you have noticed
by now that sharing the air, water and space seems a lot easier than
otherwise, wouldn’t we now have more peace-filled relationships?

What happens in the cubicle is that even though we see one another, after all,
we’re everywhere, it seems we move about as if we are alone;
This is the result of the cubicle mindset.

It is precisely this squared off, locked up, and shacked up with nobody mindset
that leads us to not even notice that we are not alone, we are actually


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365 Pause Practices Day 232


Pause for Practical Help
in Your Relationships!

Shared by Natalie

The other night I shared a significant landscaping estimate with
my husband and for the first time in NINE years he said Yes, without

Why was this conversation
any different than the others?

Because I had chosen to
before approaching
the subject with him.

I wanted to be focused and logical, yet Peaceful and Loving in this
interaction, since we’re usually on two different ends of the spectrum
when it comes to handling significant house projects. 

I Paused
and asked
Inspiration Within
to help!

Inspiration Within gave me the words to explain the project clearly 
and with a focus on communicating just the facts.

My husband was open to Receiving the scope of the project.

Stunning Responses
can, and do,
when I Pause!

Pausing Helps me be open to
Receiving Inspiration Within,
which I can then extend out to others. 

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 305:

Experiencing Receiving Help
from the Inner Voice of Love
in your Relationships

  • Pause your mind. Be still on the inside
  • Express your willingness to open to Inspiration Within, “I am willing”.
  • Allow awareness to shift to Inspiration’s Presence within you. Ask Inspiration to remove all
    voices that are not from Love so you may hear the Quiet Whisper of Love in your mind.
  • Rest with a One-Pointed focus on this Presence. Slow Down Receive.
  • Listen and Follow this Wisdom being revealed to you. 

Let go of the outcome.
Give Thanks.
You have accepted your Invitation
to your Inner Voice of Love

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365 Pause Practices Day 231


Confident or Inspired?

Shared by Natalie

My Inner Wisdom tells me not to value the idea of confidence too much.
Confidence waxes and wanes, just like the stock market! It can be up one day and
down the next. When I Pause and get out of my own way, I am able to experience a sense
of calm even when the market is crashing. Investing in the Pause Practice keeps me balanced.
It’s like having a diversified portfolio that rides the wave of change while maintaining its bottom line.

The Pause Practice is Practical
and Profitable!
Each time I choose the Pause Practice,
I’m making a Love Donation to myself and others.
This seemingly small,
perhaps insignificant Love Investment,
over time reaps huge rewards
as it has a compounding effect
on those who are willing to Practice.
Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let Inspiration Guide

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 105:
Looking for a Good Investment?
Invest in Customers (this is one another)!
When we serve our customers,
customers serve us – we receive Help in return.
It’s like a mutual fund!

Here’s the return on your Investment:

  • Peace of Mind
  • I Open to the Flow of My True Abundance in Inspiration; an abundance that doesn’t
    wax and wane depending on the circumstance.
  • Productivity increases because my thoughts are focused
  • I am Saving Money, Time and Energy
  • It Prevents Errors and Accidents – The Inspired Self is Paying Attention.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication – FINALLY! I am Clearer and if someone
    else is not clear, I know what questions to ask to gain clarity.
  • I experience My Inspired Self in All Aspects of Life; work, play, relationships, and health.


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365 Pause Practices Day 230


Pausing for Inner Wisdom delivers practical,
inspired solutions in my everyday life. 

 shared by Lisa

Five letters that describe me today:
T ~ I ~ R ~ E ~ D

My cubical mind is trying to push through it, ignore it, and go
until I can’t physically go anymore. No amount of exercise, caffeine, or
‘pushing’ is helping. This is a persistent feeling that has been with me since waking. 
So, I am going to use the Pause Practice and
seek my Inner Wisdom’s help.

As I practice the Pause Practice, I am directed to find
the hammock and rest. This is not like me at all.
Hammock time is usually a reward for when the work is done
and the day is at its end. However, today, I am willing to donate
the next few moments listening to my
Inner Wisdom and take the rest I am being guided to take.

I am practicing experiencing being here NOW.  

Pause Golden Book page 292

Pause your mind. Be still on the inside.
Still your body if needed.
Notice that you are not being present.

Express your willingness to open to Inspiration Within;
“I am willing.”

Allow Awareness to shift to
Inspiration’s Presence within you.

Rest with a One-Pointed focus on This Presence.
Slow down. Receive. Be Here Now. Breathe In The Now.
Let The Now Breathe In You.

Listen and Follow This Wisdom being revealed to you.
Let go of the outcome. 

Give thanks.
You have Accepted Your Invitation to Now.

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365 Pause Practices Day 229


Practical Help From Inner Wisdom

Shared by Natalie

A few weeks ago, after all the heavy rain we got in our area, I started digging an
80 ft. trench in our yard to direct stormwater away from our house. I had about
20 feet left to dig when my husband arrived at home and came out to help. As I
was digging, he began asking me numerous questions about things that were
unrelated to digging our trench. I cannot put into words just how physically
exhausted I was in that moment. I honestly thought I might pass out! So, with
the questioning, I began thinking to myself, “what nerve, I’ve dug 60 feet
of this very difficult trench and he’s home now to help, but these questions
are not helping!” Quickly, I realized that if I didn’t Pause, my husband’s life could be in danger.

Luckily for him, I Paused and asked Inner Wisdom for Help. As I Paused, I stayed
focused on digging the trench and handed my husband a shovel to begin helping.
In a few minutes, I literally burst into laughter (probably delirious from digging haha!)
and explained to my husband that I didn’t have any energy left to answer questions,
but would be happy to do so later and that we needed to stay focused on the task at
hand. He started laughing too and agreed. We finished the project before the forecasted rain that evening, phew!

We all have these moments where things can, and sometimes do, push us to our limits.
Thankfully, we can choose to Pause in the midst of these everyday experiences and ask
Inspiration Within to guide us to a practical and Helpful response, like laughter, at just the right moment! 

Inviting Inspiration Within

brings forth opportunities
to be Helpful to ourselves and others
in many different ways.

All we have to do is be
to ask for Help and then
Step Aside to Receive this Inspiration.

Pause~Step Back~Step Aside~Let Inspiration Guide

Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 23:
Stepping aside is putting out the welcome mat
for Inspiration Within.
You have a part in all this. 
Your part has been perfectly created and crafted within you –
it is your exquisite willingness
to allow Inspiration to be Inspiration.
It is your willingness to be host to Inspiration.
Receive your guest.
Being host to Inspiration Within,
you will come to see within yourself a well-mastered place;
a place that dwells in service to you
and to those you serve.
Be the host. 

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365 Pause Practices Day 228


Pause Golden Book page 192


Shared by Lisa
UGH! I had to make two trips to the market to make dinner!!
I stopped by the market to pick up a few items
for dinner. As I was collecting the items,
I clearly heard my Inspired Self say,

“Potatoes. Russet potatoes.”

Did I listen? No! I was in “auto-pilot” mode and my cubical mind
was sure I had potatoes. I chose to dismiss
my Inspired Self’s multiple urgings as I finished up my shopping.

I wish I would have taken a second to practice the Pause Practice, because later, as I started cooking … I had no Russet potatoes! 

So, my options then became to either go back to the market (ugh!),
finish the dish without potatoes (don’t think so), or
find another dish to make (no way).
I went back to the market …

That is when I realized how much time I wasted because I did not
Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let My Inspired Self Guide.

Pause Golden Book page 157-158


The more we turn towards It the more we want to listen again and again.
The results and our experience are proof
that being willinglistening to, and following

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365 Pause Practices Day 227


Pause Goes Back-to-School

The Pause Practice and Materials are for Everyone
Shared by Natalie

As I reflect on this past weekend, I have a sense of gratitude for being able to
attend a Back-to-School event with Pause for Inspiration. Lisa and I shared Pause
materials with parents, teachers, social workers, volunteers, and children of all
ages – from toddlers to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. We shared
our hearts with one another and one-by-one heard parents, teachers, and
students alike expressing a desire to be calmer, to have more patience and peace
in their daily lives. We shared our desire to have this in our own lives as well, and
talked about how effective the Pause Practice has been for us and how it can be
Truly Helpful to us all.

To have Peace of Mind,
all it requires is a little Willingness
to Practice the Pause Practice.

As we head into the upcoming school year,
we can choose to
~Pause, Step Back, Step Aside, and Let Inspiration Guide~
at home, at school, and in life.
Shared from the Pause Golden Book, Page 35:

Whenever You Are Willing
Any moment that works for you
works for Inspiration Within you.
Peace is ready for you
whenever you are willing to receive Peace.
And, if you are not willing,
Peace is patient.
Such is how Peace is peaceful.

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Kids, Teens, Parents, Teachers and others that you know. 

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from the LifeWise back-to-school event!
Shared by Lisa





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365 Pause Practices Day 226


How I receive help in doing what is Truly Helpful.

Shared by Lisa

My experiences of exhaustion in dealing with my cubical
mind’s way of doing things motivates me to invest in the
Pause Practice. With the Pause Practice, I can see that I am stuck in my
cubical mind and so I ask my Inner Wisdom, “Is there Another Way to
see this?” I find I am willing to trust my Inner Wisdom has a Peace and
Knowing greater than what I was thinking, yet still within me,
part of me, and always available to me. 

My cubical mind NEVER really accomplishes anything
helpful or productive for me – it just thrives on
making chaos and being a bossy know-it-all!

The Pause Practice helps me with this and offers a much-needed
refresh. A refresh on the way I live in this world, day-to-day;
the way I navigate my relationships and communications;
and the way I ask for and receive help. 

The Pause Practice – four simple steps:
Pause ~ Step Back ~ Step Aside ~ Let My Inner Wisdom Guide
for a safer, calmer, wiser, and more practical
way of doing, as I am willing, wherever I am,
whatever I am doing, and whomever I am with. 

By investing in the Pause Practice,
I find I am helping myself and others. 

Pause Golden Book ~ page 21

Inspired doing is to act with enthusiasm and fortitude that
comes from Love; all other doing is self-fabrication.

Yes, it is true.
Even doing the dishes in your own strength is to
believe that the self you made up is more powerful and
valuable than the Self you have been given. May sound
extreme, but it is not. Do not be disturbed by this teaching.
Relax into it.

Give thanks that you are not required to
operate in this world by your own strength.

It is not that you do not have strength,
for you do,
thus to rely on something
you call “strength” that you have mustered up all by your
lonesome, is not your real strength.

Strong are those who
allow themselves to receive Help.
Do not rest on your laurels.
Rest in the pause.

The worthwhileness of the doing that will come forth from stepping
back from doing on your own will someday be seen.
Trust what is unseen in this moment
and you will one day rejoice in what you see.

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