Author:Mary Lenihan

365 Pause Practices – Day 132

  Thank you Mary Kirkou for the above artwork. Words from Pause book. Revisiting: Pausing for Wisdom is easily applicable and potentially beneficial no matter what one's point of view How are we to know how our decisions, seeming large or small, will affect our own life and the lives of...

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365 Pause Practices – Day 123

  Still another quality of Inspiration Inspiration inspires stillness; there are those moments when we are Moved to stillness. Often, we side with cubicle resistance and try to push through this natural pause, for the cubicle mind fears stillness. It is in the still point of Inspiration, in the pause,...

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365 Pause Practices – Day 122

  Versus False Humility the practice of pretending to be less than scroll down to read how I pretended False humility is pretending to be "less than" the magnificence that you wholly are as an extension of LOVE. We mistakenly act as if we are less than. It often involves so-called "good intentions." As the...

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